Investigators find more human remains in Morro Bay

June 22, 2019

San Luis Obispo County sheriff deputies found additional human remains in Morro Bay on Friday while searching an area along side Highway 1. [Tribune]

On Thursday, Caltrans workers found a human skull while doing tree trimming and landscaping alongside Highway 1 in Morro Bay near the Morro Bay Boulevard off-ramp. Investigators believe the additional remains belong to the same individual.

The county pathologist has not yet determined the sex of the deceased individual or their cause of death. The pathologist concluded the skull has been in the area from several months to a year.

Nearby from where the skull was discovered, deputies found the remnants of a transient camp. Investigators have not yet determined if the human remains are associated with the camp.

County investigators are working to determine the cause of death and the identity of the deceased person.


Do you mean Highway 1 instead of 101?? It’s this way in the earlier article too…


Haha! Fixed that for me. Thank you CCN; we’re all in this together.


Find the head and the body will follow…or something like that.


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