Is Mayor Heidi Harmon using her position for personal gain?

June 6, 2019

Mayor Heidi Harmon with her free glasses from the Noor Foundation


While the very poor receive government healthcare benefits, part time or minimum wage workers are often unable to afford health insurance. The Noor Foundation in San Luis Obispo fills the gap providing medical care, medications, dentistry, and eye glasses to the uninsured. [Cal Coast Times]

Supported by local doctors who volunteer their time, private donations, and grants from government agencies including San Luis Obispo, the Noor Clinic meets the needs of thousands of these uninsured residents.

As mayor of San Luis Obispo, Heidi Harmon has a voice on which local nonprofits receive public funding. During the past three years, Harmon voted to provide between $7,500 and $10,500 a year to the Noor Foundation.

As a member of the city council, Harmon is eligible for the city’s dental, vision, and medical benefit plan. However, the city’s insurance only provides users one pair of glasses every two years, according to  Kevin Christian, deputy city clerk.

During one of Harmon’s frequent out of town junkets, she forgot her “very very very expensive reading glasses,” and needed a new pair, she posted on Facebook.

After voting to award the Noor Foundation public funds, Harmon asked the clinic to replace her glasses, which they did.

“I’m here for you, thank you for being here for me,” Harmon posted on Facebook. “So good to experience this and the struggles we’re all going through and also to experience the generosity of our community.”


I’m not a fan of Harmon. The article does say “part time or minimum wage workers are often unable to afford health insurance. ” That is incorrect. Covered Ca has many of your servers and gas station attendants paying $1 a month for health insurance. The same PPO that people that work full time pay outrageous sums for. Mortgage type numbers. Great place to be poor.


Whatever happened to the City Inspector who knocked out a public person? I’m sure his medical insurance is still available with his paycheck! SLO is so corrupt and evil from the leadership to the serfs…


All these UNINSURED people need only say they are illegal and they will get free Healthcare now that Sacramento is going to spend $98 MILLION a year of taxpayers money on all the illegals coming into California. And yet, we have American citizens getting nothing? I thought if you couldn’t afford healthcare you got MediCal or subsidized Obamacare? She should be ashamed of herself and reimburse NOOR for something she was not entitled to!


Exposing hypocrisy is a fundamental responsibility of a free press, despite Wildrnes’ affection for a true hypocrite. Kudos to CCN…


Myopic, downright useless news reporting. Absurd to yammer about lens coverage.