Is Mayor Heidi Harmon using her position for personal gain?

June 6, 2019

Mayor Heidi Harmon with her free glasses from the Noor Foundation


While the very poor receive government healthcare benefits, part time or minimum wage workers are often unable to afford health insurance. The Noor Foundation in San Luis Obispo fills the gap providing medical care, medications, dentistry, and eye glasses to the uninsured. [Cal Coast Times]

Supported by local doctors who volunteer their time, private donations, and grants from government agencies including San Luis Obispo, the Noor Clinic meets the needs of thousands of these uninsured residents.

As mayor of San Luis Obispo, Heidi Harmon has a voice on which local nonprofits receive public funding. During the past three years, Harmon voted to provide between $7,500 and $10,500 a year to the Noor Foundation.

As a member of the city council, Harmon is eligible for the city’s dental, vision, and medical benefit plan. However, the city’s insurance only provides users one pair of glasses every two years, according to  Kevin Christian, deputy city clerk.

During one of Harmon’s frequent out of town junkets, she forgot her “very very very expensive reading glasses,” and needed a new pair, she posted on Facebook.

After voting to award the Noor Foundation public funds, Harmon asked the clinic to replace her glasses, which they did.

“I’m here for you, thank you for being here for me,” Harmon posted on Facebook. “So good to experience this and the struggles we’re all going through and also to experience the generosity of our community.”


They look free…


Just another pig at the taxpayer-sponsored trough! Shame!

Next time go to the $.99 Store for a pair of readers until you can buy your own replacements!

Cayucos Claude

Yes, the mayor allotted funds to a charity healthcare organization that serves the city’s poor so that she could get a free pair of replacement glasses should she forget to bring her usual pair on a trip. Great piece of hard-hitting journalism there, Cal Coast News. You can’t slip anything past you guys! (Expect a Pulitzer nomination for this gem.)


That wasn’t the point of the piece not was that what was said but the leftist apologists are expert at twisting things to fit their narrative.


Just because she’s left, the right doesn’t commit crimes; our current president filed for bankruptcy multiple times, and has yet to release tax returns, and got 500 million untaxed from father, and running slums?


There isn’t a government like on this earth who doesn’t think quid pro quo is their right


Not a good PR move by our Mayor.

Those glasses don’t look like any of ones provided at the Noor Clinic in SLO. Their selection was pretty basic. They have them on the wall in the office of the waiting room. I could be wrong….



For Heidi Harmon, this type of graft and corruption is a pattern of behavior, and the people of San Luis Obispo must wake up to what we really have here in this once-fair town. Ms. Harmon regularly engages in corruption, and she is so accustomed to it the she even posts it on her Facebook account, as if she is entitled to public and private funds.

Ms. Harmon funded her reelection campaign with donations from drug dealers and those seeking to be awarded marijuana franchises, and her political quid pro quo with the was she will rig the process in their favor if they hook her up financially. Very corrupt!

Ms. Harmon does not merit public trust.


What about wineries and their donors?


Since when do leftist like Harmon have to be held to some standard of ethics? It is her right to take private property for herself from other people who produce, because she thinks she is entitled to it. Do you think the Noor foundation would deny her request when they suspected she would no longer give them taxpayer funds?


Kelly Gearhart was republican, so is Tom O Malley, and the Sherriff. I bet John Wallace is conservative, so what? Corruption is corruption.


They all just align with what ever party that they think will supply their needs. They have no strongly held beliefs other than that self is number one. Case in point, Joe Biden. You don’t change you view on such a critical issue as abortion unless you detect the wind has changed direction and you sense that you better go with the way that most of your party is, rather than what is right


Seriously? Noor Clinic is a wonderful resource for the uninsured. Now the city has paid twice for the Mayor’s glasses. Once through their public-paid-for insurance program and one through a donation to the free clinic.

Think before you post to Facebook!


I guess anything you can find on Harmon can be used to smear her. Really? Glasses?


It’s not really difficult to find items about an entitlement mentality leftist .


Poor punctuation as well as illogical smear on leftists. I’m a total lefty and keenly dislike the corrupt mayor. She is a bit of a traitor to the worthy cause of liberal politics.


I’m afraid that all politicians have become traitors to the worthy cause, be it liberal or conservative. They all serve just one master, themselves. Punctuation notwithstanding.

nazbol gang

USA is the only place in the world that equates liberals with the left. The traditional left hates liberalism, probably more than the right does. For some reason in USA liberalism got conflated with leftism somewhere along the line. I blame the hippies and boomers, it’s easy to do and probably accurate.


Greed takes all sides, big and small. Lockhead sells missles to Muslim Saudi’s, and Isreal Jews, Congress tried to stop, President Vetoed. Greed takes all.


Do you suppose her frequent out of town junkets are carbon free? Ha, ha, why even ask that of our greenie? We peons are the ones supposed to shift to induction cooktops so she can claim to be the Green Queen. Talk the talk, but don’t walk to Vermont.


To be truly carbon free, she needs to self destruct as roughly 96 percent of the mass of the human body is made up of just four elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, with a lot of that in the form of water. Of course, the carbon would still be around, just laying there. If she were really dedicated to the carbon free prospect…

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