California gas prices rise again

July 1, 2019

With drivers in the Golden State already paying a premium at the pump, California’s gas tax increased 5.6 cents on Monday to 47.3 percent cents per gallon, according to the state Board of Equalization. [Cal Coast Times]

The increase is the latest effect of a 2017 law that hiked state gas taxes and was upheld after voters rejected a repeal initiative last November. Previously, in Nov. 2017, the state fuel tax rose 12 cents from 29.7 cents per gallon to 41.7 cents.

In addition to increasing the base fuel tax, the 2017 law also raised the excise tax on diesel from 16 to 36 cents per gallon and enacted a vehicle registration fee that ranges from $25 to $175 annually.

The overall tax hike aimed to raise $5 billion a year for state highway maintenance and rehabilitation, as well as local streets and roads, mass transit and bicycle infrastructure. Last November, Proposition 6, the gas tax repeal measure, failed on a 56.8 percent to 43.2 percent vote.

Critics say the tax hike is compensating for frivolous spending by California Democrats and Caltrans. The California Republican Party stated in a news release issued Monday morning that the latest fuel tax increase brings the total amount of taxes and fees per gallon of gas to $1.04.

A federal fuel tax, as well as sales tax, are among the other costs that factor into the final price drivers pay at the pump.

Currently, gas prices in San Luis Obispo County are among the highest nationwide; with a $3.99 average price at the pump, according to AAA.

The national average for a gallon of gas is currently $2.71. The California average is $3.75.


No person here mentions Oil Cartel OPEC. No one here mentions monarch companies Shell and BP, you folks are being propagandize by your TVs. Saudi Arabia, Isreal, Russia, Iran, Syria, China, Europe and Japan, it’s called OPEC. Not Schwarzenegger or Newsome, holy cow get in the know about Global Oil Commerce folks! Forgot that Rex Tillerson lobbied for an oil exploration company backed by Saudi Arabia giving reason to further the war in Yemen by stealing land kind of stuff? Oh Forgot about Iraq ,Libya, Venezuela, people always raising my gas prices over fake war! This is # Fake News CCN. Get real.


Gas prices are manipulated by the stock market on a daily basis. But I ask how does OPEC have anything to do with California’s greedy government and screwing of its residents? There are are endless states with fuel prices close to $2 a gallon under what Commiefornia is charging or furthermore the Central Coast which is now the highest in the USA according to the media, why?. Hawaii is cheaper and I dont recall any oil or production facilities there. Face it, Californian’s are getting robbed blind by taxes.


Hawaii does not have 35 million people, roads and maint we have here to account for taxation of gasoline.



DO NOT support the whacky liberals, they have never seen a tax they didn’t love.

Abandon Democrats in 2020.


Ok Vladimir, Liberalism and Democracy are dead, said Putin the other day!. Settle down. Vote for what? Another Politician Elite Capitolists who has a political affiliation?

nazbol gang

And to think California used to be a conservative stronghold. What changed? What was California like back then compared to what it is like today? I could get in trouble for saying what has changed so y’all have to do your own homework.


My College and Health Insurance bankrupt me before 6 years ago, you’re very ungrateful.


Board Of Governors grant thanks Gov brown for making tuition free in community college at age TWENTY FOUR!


PG&E should have a permanent blackout in Sacramento and let the politicians feel the heat they are already in the dark.


It’s OK, it all goes to fixing the roads right? Right? Hello?


Yes! it fixes the roads. The last year’s gas tax increase created a sub-department in CalTrans where people were trained and tasked with assessing the condition of our roads. What they found wasn’t pretty.

Today’s gas tax will create another sub-department of that sub-department, which will communicate with several other departments—-all under the auspices of the Department of Departments—-which will then recommend just how much more money is needed to begin work on fixing the roads per the preliminary reports created by the first sub-department mentioned in the first paragraph.

We should begin to notice changes in our roads the next time we have a large rain. Then, another tax increase will create the funding to task a working group with forming committees to create a strategic plan to fix the roads and highways.

Of course, like all tax increases, this one will result in a better life for all Californians.


Sounds akin to the Ministry of Silly Walks


Like we needed yet another “sub dept” gov body to inspect things. Get in you vehicle and take a drive. Caltran’s is right on track for #1 Ca black hole of waste and when folks scream about the likes of local municipalities being fiscally corrupt?? look into CT’s.Yet another Tax increase will not improve my life or anyone else’es who are capable of responsible spending habits and a desire to work for what they have. That is the problem with California as people think more government is the answer.


Where’s that darn ” tongue in cheek” button again?

Russ J

Groovy baby. Living the California dream. High taxes. High prices. High people. Low information voters. Where were all you sorry saps when prop 6 was on the ballot? Maybe you shouldn’t be here unless you’re poor, rich or numb. I’m on travel in Florida right now and am paying $2.50 per gallon. That’s nice for my corporation because they’re paying the bill. Maybe I can find a used gasoline tanker, fill it, drive it home and park it down the street. Ah shucks, just remembered, it probably isn’t the California summer blend.


So wonderful These tax increases should really stimulate the economy!


This will raise the cost of everything…not just fuel….California will not enjoy the economic surge the rest of the nation will experience and more productive folks will leave….but the bright side is that the state can pay for its outrageous public servant pensions….and the one party rule will continue….

Rich in MB

I think it’s time to take Climate Change Seriously, we need an additional $1/gal gas tax.

The Climate will then Change in Sacramento.


Yeah, that won’t hurt the poor will it?


When your grocery bill triples you may feel differently…

Rich in MB

It’s time to let Californians feel the consequences of their actions. Only then might they realize the high price of Liberalism is the loss of freedom. I’ve given up lecturing….let them PAY and feel the pain.


Most California voters are zombie’s….led to the ballots by promises never kept and wishes never fulfilled…yet they still believe in the impossible….blind to the damage their votes have brought….as long as Hollywood and silicon valley keeps dishing out the message that conservatism is not cool and liberalism is…California will be picking itself up off the ground never again standing unaided….