Central Coast protesters rally against immigration enforcement

July 16, 2019

Protest outside the San Luis Obispo courthouse

As part of nationwide protests against raids planned to be conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), demonstrations took place in Santa Maria, Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo over the weekend. [Cal Coast Times]

On Friday evening, protesters gathered at Central Park Plaza in Santa Maria and Heritage Park in Arroyo Grande. Then on Saturday afternoon, about 100 to 200 people protested outside the San Luis Obispo courthouse.

In addition to demonstrating against immigration raids, activists protested against the conditions at immigrant detention facilities. Some Democrats have recently referred to ICE detention facilities as “concentration camps.”

Also on Friday, protesters raised a Mexican flag and defaced an American flag at an ICE facility in Colorado.

The following day, a man armed with a rifle and explosive devices attacked an immigrant detention facility in Tacoma, Washington. The man allegedly set a vehicle on fire and tried to ignite a propane tank before authorities shot and killed him.

Large ICE raids were expected to begin over the weekend, though it is unclear whether they materialized.

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Most people don’t fantasize or glamorize suffering to generate an opinion on a public forum. And speaking from anger reduces IQ; a fact, I’m guilty of anger as well. Pretty close to the man in the article above threatening minority neighbors who had a militia in his closet.

” The hypocrisy was more than I could bear” Doc Holiday, Tombstone,1993.

Where were these folks while Obama was deporting, deporting and deporting?


It’s clear that America can no longer trust the Democrat Party, and its unpatriotic followers.

Abandon Democrats in 2020.

So the right to hold peaceful protests to represent a public concern is bad an Un American you are saying? regardless of context of protest, for anyone to diminish their own civil liberties Is a little scary.

And what happened at the “Unite the Right” rally? How was the “Right Wing Protest”; people were murdered. And Antifa Radical Liberals are just as radical as Christian White Nationalists Republicans.

Trump is letting in more immigrants than Obama did. Screw Trump, he’s not getting my vote this time.

It’s true, Obama was pretty tough of most immigration cases, he never politicized it for votes though. Just kept the suffering a secret. He got votes other ways through propoganda.

Lets just pretend that all the studies that show that immigrants pose a net gain to the economy rather than a loss do not exist. Let us pretend that it is the cheap labor of hardworking immigrants that is responsible for your economic challenges, rather than the 500 or so individuals who possess more than a billion dollars each or the literal handful of individuals that possess more than the entire lower 50% of the population and pay no taxes. Cause it couldn’t possibly be them. Must be those damn immigrants.

Let’s also pretend that no mistreatment of asylum seekers is happening either. Much easier than taking responsibility for what happens in a country run Of, By and For The People. People who were encouraged to come here and displace the Indigenous People who had been here for over 10,000 years, taking much better care of the place than we have. All of our forbearers came here for the same reason as these desperate families. Seeking asylum is NOT ILLEGAL. It is allowable by International Law. For all you “law enforcement” buffs and supporters. Oh, wait, that is supposed to be only selectively applied. Let’s just pretend that ALL the reports we are receiving, the damning photos and international agencies telling us that they are concentration camps are “fake news”, because that makes being a totally heartless FASCIST look like “patriotism”.

I tend to believe not only the International agencies, like the UN who are investigating, but also the church groups, mine included, who are finding horrendous, filthy and unfit conditions and permanent psychological damage to CHILDREN being used as a “deterrent” to people who are fleeing for their very lives from conditions that were created in their countries for decades by agencies like our CIA, for the benefit of their corporate masters. But just pretend like none of this matters or is real, because it makes you feel like a righteous “American” rather than what you actually are.

The protest itself would have been a good place for an ICE raid…

“protesters defaced an American flag”, says all I need to know about the protesters.

I’m sorry but this is another twisted event being played, dangerously played, for votes. I seriously doubt any of the protesters know anything about the facilities except….what they’ve “heard” from “some” Democrats. The Ds that to go down to the facilities don’t do so to work on finding solutions, it’s for selfish politically motivated photo ops and it’s pathetic. Have any of the protesters researched which specific illegals are being deported? This whole thing is madness, a free for all. Everyone who wants to protest the illegal immigration problem or “conditions” of the facilities should journey to the state and federal capital buildings. That’s where the journey should end. Just in case anyone thinks I’m defending one politician or one political view…. I didn’t vote for the current administration. The problems of homelessness and problems at the southern borders weren’t born in the last two years. Here in California Gavin Newsome, Kamala Harris, and the rest of our well compensated state politicians don’t seem to truly want solutions. Solutions are progress and progress means no political crisis. What’s happening on the streets of L.A., S.F., and even here locally isn’t Washington DC’s fault or problem…it’s ours. Seemingly guided by our state and local governments. Better to waste 50million bucks on a nothing train and spend valuable time getting those epic vaping and hairstyle discrimination laws passed. Eeeegads….no wonder there’s a mass exodus.

“…what they’ve “heard” from “some” Democrats.”

Bet ya it wouldn’t matter who the truth comes from, you’d still not believe it, right? Nah, you wouldn’t….

“In his journal entry, the agent described what he saw when he arrived at the Border Patrol detention center as a “scene from a zombie apocalypse movie.”

His colleagues, he said, wore surgical masks and rubber gloves because there was “sickness and filth everywhere.” And he said the facility “looked like a walled-off compound where the government had the last safe zone and was taking in refugees fleeing the deadly zombie virus.” (a)

I dare you to read the rest of that article and come to the same conclusions you did Cmon’; and if you do, the Kool-Aid Trump The Pervert has been bottle feeding you and those like you is having its intended effects of dumbing y’all down… All that American First Pride y’all tout like so much bullchit is just that, bullchit! American Pride is found in its diversity of peoples and its principles of “All Men Are Created Equal”, not the minute white nationalistic racist minority underbelly that sound off here.

(a) https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/a-border-patrol-agent-reveals-what-its-really-like-to-guard-migrant-children/ar-AAEpdXT?ocid=spartanntp

It’s like this any place you try to sneak into a country you aren’t supposed to be in. The only reason this is an issue now is because people hate Trump. Otherwise Trump is letting in more people than ever, certainly more than Obama ever did. The only issue I see here is the fact that we are letting people in at all. The border should closed until the demographic situation is stabilized. This is only a controversial opinion to American liberals.

Asylum is a standard for First World social civilized countries. Regardless of all outcomes in taking in immigrants, good and bad for the Usa. But also, Nationalism is dangerous, we have WW2 to show us what happens when many Nationalistic Gov fight an economic war; death tragedy and destroyer of worlds. If people could only drop arms when ethics were needed.

Geez, can’t tell which side you’ll believe no matter what….(sarcasm).

“The following day, a man armed with a rifle and explosive devices attacked an immigrant detention facility in Tacoma, Washington. The man allegedly set a vehicle on fire and tried to ignite a propane tank before authorities shot and killed him.”

Meets the definition of a terrorist if you read his various “manifestos” and twitter messages. Too bad we don’t have an objective press to report on that.

It’s literally the worst domestic attack on the government since the Oklahoma bombing in the 1990’s, yet the media is burying it. I wonder why that is?

I will bet there are no American citizen carpenters or brick layers or plumbers or electricians or painters or drywall hangers or dish washers and sue chefs or fast food employees or fish cutters or any other employees or business owners that has had their potential earnings slashed by illegal immigrant labor at that protest….I bet these people protesting either are not or think they are not affected one bit by the presence of illegal aliens…but many people are and to see these fellow citizens protest whats in their countrymen’s favor (the control of our border) is sickening and as uncaring and thoughtless as hell….

You’re exactly right. But they don’t care since for a while, they can get things “cheaper ” from the illegals. That’s until all of our other costs (taxes) go up , erasing any gain from the illegal laborers. To say nothing of the costs to society as American citizens lose their jobs.