Los Osos man returns chief’s missing gun

July 12, 2019

Deanna Cantrell

A little more than a day after apparently stealing San Luis Obispo Police Chief Deanna Cantrell’s gun, which she left in an El Pollo Loco bathroom stall, a man turned in the weapon at the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s substation in Los Osos. [Cal Coast Times]

At about noon Wednesday, Cantrell was eating lunch at El Pollo Loco on Los Osos Valley Road when she went to the restroom and inadvertently left her personal firearm in the stall. Having realized her mistake, she returned to the restaurant shortly afterwards and found the gun had been stolen.

On Thursday evening, a man called the sheriff’s office and said his brother-in-law was in possession of Cantrell’s firearm. The caller said he would bring his brother-in-law to the Los Osos substation to return the weapon.

Skeeter Carlos Mangan, 30, turned in the firearm, and sheriff’s officials confirmed it was the missing gun, according to police. Investigators then went to Los Osos to recover the weapon and interview Mangan.

Mangan admitted during an interview with investigators that he found the gun in the El Pollo Loco restroom. The Los Osos man said he put the firearm in his pocket and returned home, police said.

The city of SLO is thanking the community for sharing information online and on social media about the missing firearm. Broad community awareness helped officers quickly identify Mangan, police said.

Meanwhile, the city has indicated an investigation into the incident will occur. The city will review personnel policies and appoint a third-party or a city investigator to conduct an investigation, Human Resources Director Monica Irons said. [Tribune]

If a city employee conducts the investigation, it will not be a member of the SLO Police Department, but rather a staffer from another department with the expertise related to the matter. Following the investigation, city officials will determine whether disciplinary action should be taken, Irons said.

Cantrell said she fully expects to be disciplined by the city and has no qualms about any punishment she might face.

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Everything else aside, it’s fortunate an adult found the weapon before a child did.


Deanna Cantrell deserves to be fired for this criminal indiscretion, and the idea that we will prosecute the man who found the gun is preposterous, and only a whacky liberal would try to connect those dots.

Taxpayers deserve a serious police chief, and this scandal will forever stain Cantrell’s reputation, no matter what happens from hereafter. SLO City Manager Derek Johnson and Human Resource Director Monica Irons ought to show leadership on this issue, but, predictably, they will applaud Cantrell’s ‘transparency’ and she will walk away unscathed.

Taxpayers and those who believe in public safety are the losers here, as we now have a laughing stock police chief and city leaders that have been shown to be gutless and ineffective.

Speak truth to power.

I’d bet a nickel that the chief would say NOTHING if she went back and retrieved her gun before the media found out. I also bet a nickel that if a regular old joe did the same thing and the media found out, in California, that person would be standing before a judge with their attorney.

Woah, did you have relations with her? Or are you a mind reading warlock or witch? She’s a cop In Slo county, no sh*t she’ll get off like any other rich entitled person whom moved here within 30 years. Look at Paso pd scandals, Atascadero PD and ties to White Extremism; their chiefs family, nephew, was in Charlottesville and is a White National Terrorist, and their crazy Officer Michelle, also same orientation as Slo Chief and a law breaker too, google youtube for Atown PD violating rights on camera, we had a name for her in school Robo-, drunk Coroner whom examined Holland; ie Sherrif #2, officer Duis in slo, etc etc etc. This county, cal poly, pge, contractors, developers, is a sinners paradise. We need the Lord here. An Unbiased loving Lord.

so the city of slo has gone from the chief attending a class about gun safety to now an internal investigation. what is human resources irons doing? does she have a clue on how to handle such situation? guess not. seems like a pretty big deal, especially for a chief

Well her boss is Parkinson, and prosecutor is Dow. Both Conservative, well see how this plays out. An open Lesbian whom is democratic. Slap on the wrist or protected class. Well see. At least she wasn’t an FBI agent doing a back flip in a packed nightclub accidentally discharged. Or an innocent minority shot by some Cop whom was constipated.

“Broad community awareness helped officers quickly identify Mangan”

Bullsh*t the police thought the man in the video was some other guy. When a citizen recognized his mentally ill brother in law he went and collected the gun and then went to the sheriff’s department to turn it in.

SLOPD were like a bunch of Mr. Magoo’s out there looking for this gun.

Meanwhile the chief will get a slap on the wrist and it’s back to business as usual in the progressive utopia of SLO.

Uh, pretty sure Parkinson and Dow, Parkinson being the highest legal authority next to the temp Sherrif, ie, drunk Cororner,” do any of you know that fact”, coroner’s are second in command?, are “Conservative Voters bud”, so stop there with that progressive crap, youre not Vladmir or Stalin Trump or Obama the BSer. But she’s a cop, protected class. Regardless of her being Liberal Democrat or her sexual affiliation, so get a clue on how money works and stop being a bigot. I could then ask out of statistic assumption on this forum, are you an old white Christian man over 50 whom has a degree from the 70s worth nothing today?. Don’t forget we have a Democracy, vote these idiots, all of them, out, rather than whine on a forum and serve a small influence. You’ll get glioblastoma with that hate, just like my dad, and die a pretty meager undignified death. Wasn’t Mike Pence just at the internment camps in horror for people’s lack of judgement and inherent willingness to create suffering for a buck. Train stops there.

I go to BOS meeting, local as well, water/parking/ development too. I do my part, I help the environment and volunteer with California Cons Corp, work with homeless etc. Reap what you sew I guess. I can at least own up to my education and service to America. And my knowledge of Political Science here and abroad, now and then.