San Luis Obispo man charged with hate crimes

July 16, 2019

Richard Vincent Orcutt

The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office filed 10 felony charges along with an enhancement for hate crimes on Friday against Richard Orcutt for threatening to shoot minorities. [Cal Coast Times]

Last month, SLO police officers arrested Orcutt, 62, after he allegedly sent several threatening letters to area property managers and homeowners saying he planned to shoot minorities in his neighborhood. He allegedly wrote the threats on Hallmark cards with American flags on the front.

The 10 felony charges filed against Orcutt include threats to commit a crime of violence, an attempted threat of violence, and two charges for possession of an assault rifle.

On June 29, local SWAT officers served a search warrant at Orcutt’s home in the 1300 block of Cavalier Lane. During their search of the homes, detectives found and seized several handguns, rifles, shotguns and thousands of rounds of ammunition, according to police.

Orcutt did not enter a plea during his arraignment on Monday. The court scheduled a second arraignment for July 29.

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Super strange behavior but so glad the neighbors took it seriously and reported so that he was caught before he could harm anyone.

“hate crime” is a highly political designation and it is probably unconstitutional to deem hate a crime. If the man was threatening his neighbors with violence then there are laws to deal with that. And there is nothing wrong with guns, they love to mention guns in these cases as it fills a double purpose of attacking guns as well as associating guns with racism, the perfectly packaged guns/racism sandwich for the liberal media consumer.

Um, ccn is reporting this story. Not what one would call “liberal” media. Nazbol, you are using “Appeal to motive”- a pattern of argument which consists in challenging a thesis by calling into question the motives of its proposer. The alleged had malicious intent, wrote threatening letters, and had guns. Tagging guns to his letters are a fact, not something the liberal media uses. Kind of silly. Use ’em academic skills you earned at poly.

We just eat what the Republican deli serves up. Personally I like my racist gun sandwich with a slice of conspiracy theory on the side. I wash it down with some hateful rhetoric. Mmmm mmmm good.

How does one live for 62 years without a working brain?….

Although I doubt that this guy would have had the moxie to do what he threatened anonymously, he has forfeited the right to his guns and freedom. I support that fully. He is deeply disturbed, but cowardly I expect.