SLO man convicted of molesting two girls, facing life in prison

July 6, 2019

Matthew Betts

A San Luis Obispo man was found guilty on Friday of sexually molesting two young girls. Matthew Betts is facing the possibility of life in prison. [Cal Coast Times]

A jury found Betts, 47, guilty of nine counts of felony child molestation; including three counts of sexual penetration of a child under the age of ten and six counts of lewd act on a child under the age of fourteen. The jury returned their verdicts after a two-week trial and one-half day of deliberations.

In 2016, Betts’ then girlfriend accused him of molesting her daughter. Betts was also caught molesting a young victim in an earlier incident.

Evidence presented during the trial showed that Betts molested one victim in late March of 2016 and had molested another victim on multiple occasions between September 2012 and September 2013.

Shortly after his 2016 arrest, Betts posted $250,000 bail and was released from custody. Following his conviction, Betts was taken back into custody.

Betts’ sentencing hearing is scheduled for Aug. 12.

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Lets hope he gets more than life sentence in the ‘Pokey’

So…how many kids does this guy have to molest until he gets put away?

Yes, really! If his ex girlfriend had not complained, he would surely be out today continuing to do these things. Sadly it seems these guys never get caught the first time. Eleven years used to be the maximum sentence, so the criminal would do 5 1/2. Let’s hope he gets more than that. Keeping guys like this locked up to keep children safe is a very good use of taxpayer dollars IMHO.