SLO Tribune eliminating Saturday print publication

July 31, 2019

The SLO Tribune is slashing one day a week of print publishing after parent company McClatchy reported a net loss of $42 million in the first quarter of 2019. [Cal Coast Times]

Starting in November, the 80-year-old newspaper will no longer print a Saturday paper, the publisher announced on Tuesday. The decision follows the downsizing of the newspaper’s operation, the Tribune moved to a smaller office earlier this year.

Readership at the Tribune had been declining for more than a decade. In a recent Tribune report to the Alliance for Audited Media, for the first quarter of 2019, the editor noted a total daily circulation of 16,267, which included 11,123 printed papers and 5,144 digital subscribers.

Tribune Publisher Tim Ritchey spun the reduction in publication as a way to serve their reader’s changing habits.

“As reader’s habits change, we are adapting to serve them in new ways,” Ritchey wrote. “We are making this strategic change to invest in out future.”

Slashing production, as anticipated, resulted in a dive in McClatchy stock prices. Shares were off more than 9 percent for the day, closing at $2.21 a share.


Commie Rag.


It appears reading these posts that everyone considers the Tribune a rag….. I personally think the Tribune is OK, not a great read but adequate. I consider Cal Coast News the same…. I have an question and would like an honest answer. What do you people consider the best vehicle for news regarding the Central Coast?


Too bad we can’t bring back Weyrich and the “Gazettes” LOL


Ah well……there’s always KSBY for ….ahem…in depth investigative “live and local” news. Bwahahahahahah. If you indulge in all three in the eve that’s 90 minutes a day you’ll NEVER get back.Good to know taint it ;)


I was a paper boy many moons ago in SLO. I delivered in my neighborhood. More than 90% took the TT (Tribune) back then…


No great loss.


Let’s see…..they give less in their product

and raise the prices for a rag of a newspaper that nobody wants anyway. What could go wrong?


On my early morning walk this morning I took note of the number of papers in my neighbors’ driveways…four. Four out of over 120+ homes.

Pathetic, but well deserved.


Most hard-copy papers are read by retirees who won’t or can’t navigate the online world.


Great, now I have to talk to my wife at breakfast on Saturdays…