Three people shot and killed at the at Gilroy Garlic Festival

July 29, 2019

A gunman opened fire at the Gilroy Garlic Festival Sunday evening, killing three people and wounding at least 12 others before being shot and killed by police. [Cal Coast Times]

One of the victims who died was a six-year-old boy. The child’s mother and grandmother were also reportedly wounded in the shooting.

At about 5:40 p.m., a man wearing tactical gear opened fire at the festival, which was taking place at Christmas Hill Park in the Santa Clara County city of Gilroy. Numerous people at the festival began running to escape the gunfire.

Officers engaged the shooter, and in less than a minute, they shot and killed him, according to the Gilroy Police Department. Authorities have identified the shooter as Santino William Legan, 19.

Police said it is believed the shooter cut through a fence in order to enter the festival. Witnesses said there may have been a second shooter.

Officers were conducting a search for a possible accomplice. It is unclear if investigators have determined whether or not a second suspect was involved in the shooting.

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing.


When will it become obvious that gun laws need to severely tightened and certain types of guns be completely banned.

The United States does have a monopoly of nut-cases, nor are we the only county that has violent video games.

So why is it that this country has so many more gun-related deaths on a per capita basis than any other nation? Seems to me that the free, easy access to guns that have only one purpose plays a big part in this. Of course the NRA and many 2nd amendment idiots would disagree with the obvious.


Here’s the root problem of this type of crap, INTOLERANCE! The type of intolerance that has gripped this country since Tuesday November 8th, 2016.

I crack up when


(I don’t know what I did wrong but I’ve got more to say….)

Here’s the root problem of this type of crap, INTOLERANCE! The type of intolerance that has gripped this country since Tuesday November 8th, 2016.

I crack up when the right speaks out about this kind of mindless shit, blamin’ everyone and anyone but themselves; puttin’ gun rights above the rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, embracin’ a pervert that loves to bully and intimidate while claimin’ to be christians and the moral compass of this country! What a crock of shit!

Spankin’ a kid won’t stop this kind of shit, nor will teachin’ ’em the correct way of givin’ back change or tunin’ an instrument by ear, all that shit is dodge ball! It’s intolerance that’s at the root of this, plain and fuckin’ simple!

When have any of you Trump The Pervert supporters sat down and talked with your kids about compassion, generosity or acceptance/tolerance? How ’bout you christians? Probably never! Those three things could, no would, put a STOP to all of this kind of mindless shit!

I bet they overhear your rants and raves about a wall that needs to be built, how the “infestation” of immigrants (legal or not) is the root of all our problems, how the left is sellin’ this county out and the rest of your mindless, divisive, fear mongering bullshit!

Intolerance, fueled by the current right wing hate and fear mongering, is the root cause of this shit.


If you think everything was peaches and cream when Obama was the president you have a very selective memory. Ferguson riots ring a bell? How about the new black panther voter intimidation in Georgia? Or the fast and furious ATF scheme? I could type until my fingers bled.


Gun violence up over 12% since The Pervert took office. Highest increase in over 20 years…

Black Panther voter intimidation? Pure right wing bullshit! One of the Black Panthers was a certified poll watcher while the other was asked to leave and did so without incident. The “white” DA in Philly said there was no reports of intimidation. Only 13 people voted for McCain while 563 voted for Obama in that predominately Democrat Black district, so who were they intimidating? Yea, follow the Drudge Report (and Faux News) and you’ll stay ignorant to the facts!

Fast and Furious was a continuation of a program started by the Bush administration called “Wide Receiver.”

Ferguson riots? You’re kidding me, right? A black kid gets killed by an LEO by what most that witnessed it as an unprovoked murder and you compare it to my comment? How?

Stop the “whataboutism” and deal with the present; past bad acts never, ever justify ignoring the here and now!


“I crack up when the right speaks out about this kind of mindless shit, blamin’ everyone and anyone but themselves …”

I cringe when the left blames everyone and anyone but themselves … and being profane while they’re at it. Mindless is the word …


No, mindlessness is putting your support behind a self admitted criminal pervert without question or reservation and then belittling anyone who calls you on it (almost like a cult thing?)

I like to cuss on occasions, it cuts to the chase and leaves no doubt about how I feel. You would use “liberal” as a cuss word, or “progressive”, or the myriad of other code words and terms used with derogatory intentions but you disparage me for cussing? Oh well! I rather be that type of mindless individual then your type.



Despite some of the racists comments below, violence is not exclusive to any race of people, sadly, there are low quality types and nutjobs of every color.

Blaming guns for violence is like blaming spoons for fat people.

At the center of our issue with out-of-control youngsters is the fact that we are living through the worst age of parenting ever, the parents will not say no to the kids, and cell phone and internet culture is skewing their reality.

A quote comes to mind: ‘If we want our children to have their feet on the ground, put a llittle responsibility on their shoulders.”

Just saying.


Well, it is still legal to corporal punish kids in the bible belt. The Surgeon General of USA under trump states abuse, physical or verbal generates agression. I was hit with belts, spoons; wooden or metal depending on my childhood actions, thank god I saw the light and will never yell, hit or strike my child, I am a father. Most “first world countries”, send a**hole parents to prison for this. I bet these pychos were spanked. Spanking is a sin, legal, godly and ethical. I hope no one here abused their children with violence or anger, if you did, thank your god you’re not in Prison or tried to off yourself, as you rightfully should have.

Break the Mold with Love.


Parents are allowed to hit kids In CA if it doesn’t bruise, does this have anything to do with this you think bud? Were you spanked or beat without “bruising” because some bible belt Cult says it’s ok, but liberal Europe during Victorian era said it causes monsters?


Just another white male acting out his perceived grievances. Seems to happen everyday in good old America.


But pick on Baltimore and you get labeled a racist…..


One would have to be ignorant or in denial beyond any level of sanity to not see there are horrendous problems in Baltimore. Murder rates, crime, etc,etc. Pretty screwed up that Bernie Sanders can call it a third world country and nothing is said, but if a republican says something negative they are labeled a racist.


Third world countries are still given the benefit of the doubt that their residents are at least human beings, right? Negativity is one thing, but calling out those that live in Baltimore as non-humans combined with the typical mind set of a racist that those of color are less than human, what would you, or any other sane thinking person expect but a claim of racism?


Woah bud. You just she’d light to your ideology. Listen to some NPR. It’s 90.1 fm around here.




Many of these shooters are young school age kids….video game age….people say don’t smoke in movies because kids will pick it up….it must be the same for guns and violence…when was the last major motion picture released that didn’t have guns and killing in it?….I’m a big freedom guy…a believer in the 2nd amendment….I even enjoy video games from time to time….but if we don’t make a push to get guns and violence out of our games and movies this will only get worse….we had guns in our nations past…in fact kids had their own hunting rifles….we didn’t have this evil then and we didn’t have violent shooter games either….Mom and dad…don’t let your kids play these games and screen the movies they watch….


“.it must be the same for guns and violence and racism” Fixed it for you.

Cnn reports the shooter had an Instagram account with white nationalism/raciest comments. “Why overcrowd towns and pave more open space to make room for hordes of mestizos and Silicon Valley white tw**s?” ”

Another attempt at mass murder by a white power follower, another one of the “best people” /s


White Nationalist are Christian. A stinking fact. KkK is Christian.


So you are good with the 2nd Amendment, just not the 1st?

You realize your remedy (push) would be called an act of Political Correct-ness. ;-)


The 1st amendment has limits…we as a nation must return to decency laws….this anything goes thing ain’t working…..


So the 1st Amendment can have limits, but the 2nd does not get any? I have a sense of deja’ vu but I got it.

You’re logic is consistent at least.

Decency laws aren’t Politically Correct or oppressive in any way are they?

A tad fascist for my tastes.


Love you Yan, Speak truth to Power. Sincerly.


Truth to power?…what are you talking about?…we are either a decent society with laws to reflect that or we are animals acting out and trying to outdo each others disgusting and evil behavior…every shooter video game released gets more and more violent and realistic….we really don’t need that…its indecent…


Video games have jack to do with parents beating the crap out of their kids. I played Duke Nukem on ps1 25 years ago as a teen, and don’t slap my kids, yell or hit people. I saved a woman downtown Slo being beat to death by some drunk fraternity entitled jerk guy, holy heck. If your raised in an environment where violence is cool, old John Wayne walk it off style this is what you get.


25 years ago video games were not like they are today….I don’t see any harm in asking that they scale down the violence….some kids can handle it but obviously some can not….and when they can’t people around them don’t get a bloody nose…they get their heads blown off….


Ya, whom parents probably beat the crap out of and drank it off with a beer and good cry.

Jorge Estrada

This is another example of a mentally ill person who chose to shoot at a crowd of known un-armed people. I question the gun screening done at events because of creating an opportunity for these people who are crazy but smart enough to shoot at known unarmed people. The only good consequential answer is for more people who are qualified and willing to carry concealed weapons. Mental illness is out of control and this unfortunate disaster is one of the consequences of poor planning.


“I question the gun screening done at events”

He cut through a fence, there was no screening.

“Mental illness is out of control ” Yes I agree, the racist white power crowd is mentally ill and need to be screened, not more guns.


Kettle, Jorge knows he cut the fence. His point is a shooter would understand this event to be a ripe target precisely because they screen for firearms.

I may not agree with his logic, but I try to understand the point he is making.


That’s a funny thing … I have hung around white folks all of my life, a whole lot of them have intermarried with folks who weren’t white INCLUDING my own great grandparents … more than SIXTY YEARS of hanging around white people, including ones who shoot guns for recreation and fun [with fellow shooting fans who come in all colors], all over California and never once in all that time have I come across “the racist white power crowd” ….

…. although I have come across a few nuttier-than-squirrel-crap angry white men who blame any person who is BROWN or BLACK or YELLOW for the world’s ills, but they’ve always been pretty much ignored as nuttier than squirrel crap.

But as for any “crowd” … all I’ve ever seen are a few alienated misfits with loud mouths that only impress the most credible and sheltered with their volume.

kettle, I question WHERE you have come across this “racist white power crowd” that is so mentally ill?????


Let me step in here…. They’re every frickin’ everywhere, and their numbers have spiked since Trump The Pervert took office.

Let me give you some names right there in Cali’:

Patriot Front

Identity Evropa

Counter-Currents Publishing

American Freedom Party

Right Brand Clothing

and I could go on-and-on (but instead I’ll leave a link so you can get better informed) One more thing though, just because they ain’t obvious don’t mean they ain’t…


“Tactical gear” — modern marketers have had a field day with the term. Today you can get “tactical” anything but salad forks. And before long, someone will create and market a convincing “tactical picnic basket” to resolve that omission!

It’s GREAT that the police were about to take this poor sick SOB out before he killed/wounded any more. Prayers up for the injured and killed, and their families.


Terrible, just terrible . When are we going to deal with the mental health issues causing these nuts to rampage ?


When? When we RECOGNIZE and deal with the things causing mental health issues. Due to love of money, today machines do the most basic of mental functions for 19-year-olds even in the most basic entry-level job — mathematical calculations for giving back the correct change when someone pays for something. It has even spread to tuning a musical instrument, digital tuners to relieve the ear of its job.

Heck, these kids don’t even know what sex they are — they think there are more than two, that one’s sex OR orientation, are trivial and arbitrary, and they think they get to choose. So as human beings, what is their VALUE, when their world is telling them they’re too stupid to count change from a cash drawer, too stupid to tune their instruments the way musicians have done for many centuries … too worthless to even believe in their own sex?

And when males behave like males have done since man first drew breath, today as boys they are diagnosed ADD and prescription-drugged into despair by the time they’re 20. I know an extremely brilliant but hyper guy who, if he had been born 60 later than he was, would certainly have been diagnosed ADD and perhaps grown up to become a mass shooter — as far as I can learn, ALL of the young mass shooters, male and female, of the past few decades, had been prescribed such “helpful” drugs by meddling doctors. Mess with a growing kid’s brain chemistry … results are mental health issues.


Don’t bring digital tuners into this. Try holding a technicians job and relying on just your ear to do the job… you’ll never cut it.


Technicians are different than musicians. The right tool for the right job.

We wonder why “kids today” are mentally wobbly and depressed? It’s because they’ve been fooled into thinking they need help when they are capable of doing it on their own.


My mom hit me more than my dad, what does that say bud? Do you know any Pzsychofrenic people? I sure as hell do.


Aye-caramba, I agree but It is easier to blame the gun manufacturers and burry their head of the real problem of why did this person do this. I am a gun owner and have never seen my guns just start randomly shooting people. Unfortunately tragic incidents like this are going to happen be it with a gun, knife, car, bomb, plane, or whatever the crazy minded individual or individuals think of using to lash out their hate on others.


I agree totally with your comment. It’s the mind behind the gun.


Problem is? You can’t take away the mind but a gun sure as hell can be taken out of the equation…


Even if there is a law passed that prohibits citizens from purchasing guns. A law that gives the government the right to come to your home and confiscate legally owned, and permitted guns. There will always be a way for criminals to purchase illegal guns. Most of the guns used to commit crimes, murders are guns bought on the black market. That mental or criminal mind will find a way to illegally find a gun, knife, or a rental car or truck. The Brits successfully took away gun ownership years ago, now the weapon of choice for murder there is a Knife.

When you think about it there are a lot of everyday objects that we would have to take out of the equation…


I don’t disagree with you or the other posters that the ultimate problem is people, all I’m sayin’ is that people can’t be, won’t be, substracted from the equation of gun violence. So what do you do? Throw more guns out there? How does that make any sense at all?!!!!

“Most of the guns used to commit crimes, murders are guns bought on the black market.” Yep, stolen from legal gun owners, right? So, we make it easier for those who can buy them legally to have more? How does that solve the problem? All it does is make more guns available to those who would steal them. Also, the most current study on that fact was done in 2004 and it included those who were just in possession of a stolen firearm without the use of them, so it might be a bit skewed to your agenda.

Come on now! Other than the rental vehicles and trucks you speak of what other weapon, other than a firearm, can be used to kill so quickly, so many, and so efficiently? None (other than chemical, biological and nucellar weapons)! Also, firearms are known to embolden those that use them to harm others when they otherwise wouldn’t, why? ’cause it’s impersonal, can be done from a distance without a person actually facing down the one(s) they intend to harm; it’s the cowards weapon of choice!

Knives? Well, when you have a Bruce Lee type walkin’ around with a double bandoleer of blades killin’ folks in the numbers guns do we’ll address that then.