Council opposes marijuana cultivation near Nipomo elementary school

August 27, 2019

The South County Advisory Council voted Monday night against a proposed marijuana grow on a site 1,500 feet away from a Nipomo elementary school. [KSBY]

Nipomo AG LLC is seeking a conditional use permit for marijuana cultivation on a 28.82-acre parcel located at 662 Eucalyptus Road, close to Dorothea Lange Elementary School. Project plans call for exclusively indoor cultivation, including 22,000 square feet of greenhouse space. Additionally, the applicant is seeking approval for marijuana processing within existing buildings on another 35,328 square feet of the parcel.

At Monday’s advisory council meeting, opponents of the project objected to the planned use of chemicals to mask the smell of marijuana. Parents previously raised concerns over the project’s proximity to Dorothea Lange Elementary.

The advisory council meeting also drew a significant number of project supporters.

Even though the advisory council voted against the proposed marijuana grow, the project moves on to the San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission. The planning commission is expected to discuss the project in September.

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Can’t live with that smell, but breathing blowing particulate matter 24/7 is OK.

This article is incorrect when it states “The advisory council meeting also drew a significant number of project supporters.” There was a single speaker in favor of the principle of property rights. Kirk Consulting provided a list of four cherry-picked neighbors who they alleged are not opposed to the project. One of these four was apparently unaware of what she signed due to language issues and another is/was a CFAM manager whose name is on this project’s application and who had previously told the council that her group managed this additional facility.

What approvals for this industry would SLO County support if there were no fees and other charges for the local general fund?

No kidding.

My guess is that no one has shown them the (enough) money AND the FBI is watching.

We’re all watching, now.