Paid parking launched in downtown Paso Robles

August 16, 2019

Paid parking began on Wednesday in Paso Robles as part of a plan to free up and create customer parking near downtown shops. [Cal Coast Times]

The first two hours are free for those wishing to park between 10th and 14th streets and Spring and Pine streets. Every additional hour will cost $1.

Parking is free on the weekends, with paid parking enforced Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m

“Residents are encouraged to practice using the pay stations or visit the parking booth at Tuesday Farmers’ Markets and Thursday night Concerts in the Park through August 15, 2019 for in-person training on how to use the pay stations, WaytoPark mobile application and the opportunity to win up to 50 hours of free parking,” according to the city.


I, living in Paso, can’t stand the meters at all. I, however, voted yes on 1/2 sales tax increase for new roads, ours being disgraceful; having so much wealth here in paso and poverty, but billionaires for lords sake, however; people voted no and it didn’t pass. So now, we the tax payers, spent who knows how much on tons of computer stack parking meters, permitting and labor costs of installation and new regulation to generate some funds; thousands of dollars?, whether we like it or not. Atascadero; where I work, has been paving and even seal coating the most rural roads due to the sales tax initiative, Slo too. So, we are now left with this means of taxation, with no vote or choice of public. Forced taxation. I however, am not worried about parking 1 block up off Vine and taking a small oh so inconvenient walk past old Craftsman and Victorian houses. Always spots open. Reap what you sew. Maybe next voting cycle well smarten up, or not, or this was unavoidable for dumpy Paso to look “modern and wino Napa crap”. More hotels please with 150 dollar nightly rates and more and more drip line vineyards and Billionares and terrible weird San Luis style hipster Architecture?


Just one more way for the city to get money. And to expand their # of employees ( at higher than average salaries, great benefits, and fantastic CalPERS retirement). Got to have people to check on cars, verify they are not parked too long, write tickets for those who are, maintain and service the little kiosks, etc, etc,. Any guesses to how many added employees this will require; my guess is at least 5 (probably more).

And exactly whom is this paid parking supposed to benefit (other than city with the added income)?

And will the added revenue pay for the kiosks and all the added employees? Will city divulge their complete cost/benefit analysis? And since the parking if free from 6PM on Friday until 9AM on Monday- exactly how can it be stated that the tourists will foot the majority of paid parking revenue?

Maybe I have it wrong, but I was led to believe that the weekends are when Paso gets flooded with tourists. Maybe the parking should be free on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and paid on weekends?

Lastly, one may ask – will the stupendous added revenue from paid parking lessen the chances of the city doing other things to get even more of our money (ie, sales tax increase is still in the works). The answer to this question is real simple – NO.


Wow … for once something that sounds sensible: making parking free for two hours, enough for locals to get done what they want to get done, while making it a source of income from mobile tourists, those most likely to want to park for half a day or more, in which case a meter seems perfectly fair. It is an equitable way to help support the attractive, unique, busy downtown’s infrastructure as it serves an international range of tourists come to get a taste of our world.

I forget which long-time multi-gen local rancher first noted it some 30 years ago, but it is worth repeating: SLO County is where recreation and agriculture meet!

It’s pretty cool!


Don’t live in Paso, so these maybe dumb questions –

who is parking there for more than 2 hours, if not people visiting downtown?

does this mean a formation of parking enforcement, more government employees and pension debt? sounds like it.


Parking tickets are a big part of city revenue, much more than the price of parking is. There are some 16 major cities in the US that share in the $1.4billion dollars generated by parking tickets, annually! (

Besides, what real city is without a meter maid/person? None?


Yeah, but the real money is in the tow fees collected by the contract tow company who impound cars. Had a friend with a car impounded. Called the next day to get it and was told on the phone $320, that the day after it was towed. Took her to get the car and the yard dick would not allow the car out of impound for anything less than $450.Burn College towing, your a bunch of crooks.


Tow companies are simply licensed to steal.


College Towing is a reckless company with reckless drivers, undisciplined and unprofessional. I have witnessed this for years around town and living a few blocks from their yard.