Supervisor Adam Hill touts bipartisanship in plea for donations

August 27, 2019

Supervisor Adam Hill, Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham, Congressman Salud Carbajal, and Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment Robert McMahon


In a recent email ad requesting money, San luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill posts a photo of himself at a wind energy event attended by both Republicans and Democrats as proof of his bipartisan leadership. [Cal Coast Times]

In his donation plea, Hill says he will soon have a challenger for the District 3 supervisor seat. Hill then touts his experience and bipartisan leadership before asking for donations.

“I’ve been warned an opponent will be announcing against me any day now, so your help is critical,” Hill writes. “With so many important challenges before us, it’s important to have smart, effective, and non-partisan leadership in our community.”

Above the photo Hill posted of himself with Congressman Salud Carbajal (D), Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham (R), and Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment Robert McMahon, Hill writes, “This is the kind of experience and bi-partisan leadership that I bring to the table.”

Bipartisan generally refers to members of opposing political parties who find common ground through compromise.

Hill, Carbajal and Cunningham were at the meeting jointly voicing their support for a proposed field of 700-foot floating wind turbines offshore of Morro Bay. There is a strong possibility the U.S Navy will oppose the project because of possible impacts on military operations.

While the five members of the SLO County Board of Supervisors generally vote unanimously, during discussions over contentious issues, Hill regularly hurls insults and accusations of wrongdoing against Republican members of the board.

After multiple reports of Hill threatening, demeaning and cursing at people with opposing views, in 2018, Hill took time off to deal with his depression and frequent outbursts.


This Bozo has got to go! All the fraud and lying this guy is connected with makes me wonder if this voting thing is all rigged?


We all know he only has to fool the Cal Poly students into voting for him, that’s enough to get him re-elected.


Hey adam, the check is in the mail and I suggest you look for it on a daily basis!!


Should he also hold his breath until it arrives?


If Cunningham has anything to do with Hill he can kiss his re-election good bye.


ANYONE but Hill!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one! Oh, wait. You’re serious?


Only a ego-driven self-serving politician, such as Hill, would suggest that he is bipartisan. But he

wants everyone to believe it; without them looking at his actions over the past few years. He, like so many other politicians, want people to believe what he says – not what he does. This county is full of those who subscribe to that MO.

What is so disturbing is that a large percentage of voters actually will believe what he says is more important than what his actions have shown.

If Hill is re-elected, then the joke is on us – and Hill will continue to be what he has already demonstrated to be. An egotistical blowhard who will say anything and do very little.


Hill is an extreme Progressive.

He supports the principles of the United Nations agenda 21 and publicly made that statement with his signature as a County Supervisor at a meeting hosted by ICLEI in Santa Barbara. At that meeting in Santa Barbara he signed a Pledge to support ICLEI. = International Committee for Local Environmental Initiatives.

By the way, the United Nations is attempting to create a one world government and that government is not based on The Constitution of United States of America. Don’t trust Hill to support American values because he already told everyone he didn’t when he made that pledge.


Don’t hold your breath. “Bipartisan” is Hill’s trojan horse. Once re-elected (God help us), he’ll revert back to his foul ways. Please, somebody, get this sick creep out.