Cambria firefighter rescues trapped seal, video

September 2, 2019

A Cambria firefighter rescued a seal trapped in a fishing line Sunday afternoon, while onlookers cheered. [KSBY]

Shortly before 1 p.m., a caller asked the Cambria Fire Department to help rescue a seal tangled in fishing line near San Simeon Cove. Firefighter Ryan Mort paddled on a board to the seal, who had a large hook in its belly.

While Mort struggled to cut the fishing line, the seal jumped on the board with him. Mort then cut the line, the seal swam away, and people on the pier cheered.


The video was taken by the responders, it wasn’t a stupid media stunt. Cambria Fire Department was contacted by The Marine Mammal Center and asked if they could assist with cutting the fishing line to release the sea lion from being attached to the pier by the fishing line. Unfortunately the line has a hook on the end that is imbedded in the animals belly.


So freeing sea lions is now part of the fire department’s role? Let the crazy marine mammal people risk their lives if that’s what is important to them. What if there had been a real emergency while the fire department was playing hero with one of the millions of over populated sea lions? Sea lion populations are at all time highs and they’re dying all the time from disease due to their over population. Marine mammals world wide consume more sea life in one day that the entire world commercial take for one year. Fact.

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Don’t be a hater, deepsea.


The social media generation encourages doing stupid stunts to attain some modicum of notoriety.