Death toll rises to three in rural Paso Robles crash

September 3, 2019


Another victim succumbed to their injuries following a head-on crash on Monday afternoon in rural Paso Robles, bringing the death toll to three. [Cal Coast Times]

The CHP has identified three Paso Robles residents as fatal victims of the crash. Another Paso Robles resident survived the crash with minor injuries.

At about 2:09 p.m., Jeffrey McNerney, 51, was driving a 2015 Dodge Dart eastbound on Nacimiento Lake Drive east of San Marcos Road at a high rate of speed. McNerney was possibly under the influence of alcohol, according to the CHP.

John Kudla, 58, was driving a 2001 Ford F-150 westbound at the time.

McNerney crossed over a double yellow line in attempt to pass a vehicle heading eastbound. McNerney’s Dodge and Kudla’s F-150 collided head-on in the westbound lane and came to a rest on the shoulder of the road.

Responders pronounced McNerney and his passenger, Bobbi Jo Bainconnor, 45, dead at the scene of the crash.

Medics performed CPR on Denise Kudla, 59, who was a passenger in the F-150. An air ambulance transported Denise Kudla to a local trauma center, where she died of her injuries.

John Kudla survived the crash with minor injuries described as lacerations and cuts.

An investigation into the crash is ongoing. Investigators are asking that any witnesses to the collision contact Officer Newby at the Templeton CHP Office at (805) 434-1822.


I was born and raised in the north county, when my kids were growing up we frequented Lake Nascimento almost every weekend with our boat, not once do I ever remember the S.O or CHP doing a DUI check point..It Would be so simple with the vehicles passing through the gate that is controlled by county or state employees have a couple officers there just basically sticking their head in the windows and asking people some simple questions to determine if they’re impaired or incapable of driving. There’s only one way in and one way out there should be a simple task that would save lives….


DUI checkpoints WERE conducted though sporadic and often done only on holiday weekends but I went through several just as you enter Paso. It seemed to be a community effort with maybe Paso city and the CHP people. We often had a carload of “happy” people but always a sober driver.

But certainly more could be done; I’ve driven that exact stretch of this collision since 1969, ancestors even longer, and one stupid move takes lives. Very concerning.


I hope there’s a special place in Hell for drunk drivers.


Three lives lost and others changed forever. Why? Just to ‘save’ a few seconds in travel time or maybe being a little frustrated with a vehicle in front of you that maybe was not going at the speed you wanted; so let’s pass!


I am getting really tired of sharing the road with assholes like McNerney who think they can drive like bats out of hell and endanger us all.


Terrible tragedy. Sympathy and prayers for the victims of this senseless disaster.