Dogs dies after officer involved shooting in SLO

September 27, 2019

Riley Manford and Bubbers


A 7-year-old pit bull/boxer mix died shortly after a San Luis Obispo Police officer shot him multiple times while responding to a false report of a burglary.

After receiving the report of a possible burglary at a three-unit residence on Santa Rosa Street, officers quickly determined the report was inaccurate. But, by that time, two officers had walked onto the property, and one was afraid of the resident’s dog.

Officer Josh Walsh ordered Riley Manford to control her “fucking dog,” Manford said. “I told him he was a friendly dog and asked him to put his gun down so I could get Bubbers.”

Before Manford could reach her dog, Walsh fired three shots at Bubbers. Two shots struck the dog and one bounced off the concrete.

Following the shooting, Bubbers was transported in critical condition to a veterinary clinic. The dog suffered internal injuries and one of his legs was shattered.

At about 7 p.m., it was determined that the dog needed to be put down.

“If he did survive, they said he would always be in pain,” Manford said with a moan. “He was a member of our family.”


SLO city government has become a giant clown car with Heidi the Clown as it’s driver. It drives in circles, never getting anywhere other than where it was a few moments earlier, playing clown music from large speakers mounted on the roof. As it circles in front of it’s audience (US) we see, one by one, different clowns bouncing out of it. The drunken fireman clown running with empty bucket, a hapless police chief clown with empty pistol holster, a mean spirited building inspector clown running around slapping the audience, a city council clown running around with a cut electrical cord looking for a plug, a planning commission clown running around picking up stacks of developer cash and depositing it in a jacket pocket that has a hole in it, and a frizzy haired attorney clown trying in vain to draw the audience’s attention from the clowns back to the clown car which is now belching clouds of marijuana smoke that slowly engulfs all the clowns from the audience’s view.

I can’t wait to see the finale of this clown act!


That’s a good one.

Uncle Jack

Why didn’t Officer Walsh pull out the giant portable wheeled garbage cans or the big plastic recycle bin that was sitting right there? Use them as a distance tool, a barrier just like any non-egotistical postal worker or maintenance worker would have done?

Instead Officer Walsh chose to provoke the dog into into a greater altercation by displaying violent mannerisms toward the dog. This, while simultaneously yelling at the dog and his family in such a threatening and unprofessional tone. Was that productive? Professional? Police leadership needs to honestly answer that along with this: Who was it that escalated this into an incident? Officer Walsh perhaps?

If you find this as sickening as I do feel free to write the entire SLO Police Department’s Leadership at the following email addresses. Please be courteous and respectful.

SLO Police Leadership:,,,,,,,,

Mayor/City Leadership including city council:,,,,,


If they haven’t rectified the lost gun, destroy an innocent family situation yet, why would they remotely flinch at the death of a dog?

As appalling as this is and I would be inconsolable if my dog were shot for doing his job as my protector, I can’t imagine how devastated I’d be if I was minding my own business at home with my family and someone came in and ripped it apart.

I grew up here and in my mind it was the best place in the world to grow up but the way things are now with the mayor and the police behavior, I’m just about convinced it’s time to go.

These cops are being led by a lying criminal. How can anyone expect them to he under control when their boss is out losing her gun and lying about it and planning cover ups?


I will be gutted when my beloved dog dies of natural causes/old age – I can’t imagine losing my dog to a senseless act of violence by a person paid to keep us safe from senseless acts of violence. Now this family has to also endure the financial burden of their veterinary bill, on top of everything. The SLO PD has a systemic problem. From officers who cover up for their chief, to supervisors who believe that reports of campus rapes are just “misunderstandings due to drinking too much” by females.


Jeopardy Answer: Puppy-Shooter or Puppy Killer: Jeopardy Question: What are the new nicknames for the coworkers and the wife to call Josh Walsh.

The 600 block of Santa Rosa St is less than a block from Police headquarters. A good neighbor doesn’t shoot their neighbor’s dog. A neighbor definitely knows where the dogs are in the neighborhood from the barking. There are business complexes across the street with cameras in this block. You can bet SLOPD is retrieving those videos and they will probably disappear.

This wasn’t one of those gun range training sessions where the cardboard cutout of a criminal pops up and you have a split second to decide. Instead there was dialog with the dog’s owner which meant there was time to assess whether the dog just wants to smell your crotch and ass. Could the officer have been pissed because the dog’s barking blew his element of surprise on the burglary call? If Bubbers was half as intimidating as the panicked officer is portraying, then Bubbers would have delivered much more severe and swift justice to a burglar than a Justice System that would probably give a thief probation and time served. So, now the owner has the grief of looking at the police station every day and see the Puppy-shooter go in and out of work, plus she doesn’t have the protection of her dog.

I wonder during the required gun discharge investigation if the new California Deadly Force law is at play? I don’t see how the officer can attempt deadly force against a dog when he has backup a few feet from him.


Does the SLOPD distinguish between a dog and a “fucking dog”. Why does Officer Walsh choose to use such incendiary and unprofessional language?


There were two officers. The body cameras should show what happened, if the dog charged the officers. But just as the police chief’s phone call was conveniently “dropped” by the police department phone system in reporting her lost gun, I do not doubt that there will be some “technical difficulty” with the body camera footage of both cameras if it does not show the dog on the attack.

But since this is San Luis Obispo, will he be assigned to take a dog safety class and forfeit two days’ pay?

Good thing he isn’t a mailman!


So sad, citizen in the security of her own home having a gunman enter violently and execute a family member in front of her under guise of the law, leaving her defenseless to stop the invasion. She will have to live with this traumatizing event playing over and over again in her mind for the rest of her life… SO sorry for her loss…


Very sad, the SLO PD is at the all time low, we have corrupt democrat police chief refuses to resign and the morale is not there because shes lost trust, with her department and the community.

To shot a dog instead of a taser or pepper spray but use’s a lethal gun instead, is absurd

Noodly Appendages

He also has a club he could have used. Myself, not being a ‘super-extra-citizen, I gotta just yell at dogs.


SLO pigs fail again.