Dogs dies after officer involved shooting in SLO

September 27, 2019

Riley Manford and Bubbers


A 7-year-old pit bull/boxer mix died shortly after a San Luis Obispo Police officer shot him multiple times while responding to a false report of a burglary.

After receiving the report of a possible burglary at a three-unit residence on Santa Rosa Street, officers quickly determined the report was inaccurate. But, by that time, two officers had walked onto the property, and one was afraid of the resident’s dog.

Officer Josh Walsh ordered Riley Manford to control her “fucking dog,” Manford said. “I told him he was a friendly dog and asked him to put his gun down so I could get Bubbers.”

Before Manford could reach her dog, Walsh fired three shots at Bubbers. Two shots struck the dog and one bounced off the concrete.

Following the shooting, Bubbers was transported in critical condition to a veterinary clinic. The dog suffered internal injuries and one of his legs was shattered.

At about 7 p.m., it was determined that the dog needed to be put down.

“If he did survive, they said he would always be in pain,” Manford said with a moan. “He was a member of our family.”


This guy is destined to be a fire hydrant in the next life.


How convenient the public police log was not updated online for the day of the this incident.

With that said, here is an excerpt from Police

Chief Cantrell’s Transparency video in regards to leaving her police issued firearm in El Pollo Loco’s restroom.

“I’m Deanna Cantrell the chief of police in San Luis Obispo. I talk about transparency and having a relationship that’s built on trust with our community.” Food for thought.

I’m hoping the body cam on officer Josh Walsh will be available. He comes from Visalia. Ok I get it, but SLO isn’t Visalia and Visalia isn’t SLO. His mentality is off in regards to his obligation as an officer. So he’s an award winning “Most DUI’s” police officer in SLO. Awesome! I’m hoping this is not going to override the fact that this incident with Bubbers was unnecessary and without warrant. Did you know there have been studies and those studies show that Chihuahuas are more aggressive! I can only imagine if it were a Chihuahua what he would have done. I’m sure he came across much worse in Visalia.

By the way he chose to handle this situation, hopefully his boss will at least require him to brush up on his shooting skills and have a psych evaluation. It’s clear he has impulse issues. He could have used a taser or pepper spray. Using pepper spray on a dog, If your dog is sprayed with pepper spray, they are likely to be experiencing a significant amount of discomfort. Pepper spray causes significant burning sensations in the eyes, nose and mucous membranes. This non-lethal weapon has the same effects on dogs as it does on people. If a dog is tasered, It delivers a powerful signal that completely overrides the dog’s central nervous system and directly controls their skeletal muscles. And that’s how you can safely break up a dog fight or stop an attacking dog without causing injury or damage. This officer was negligent in use of his fire arm and should be fired for excessive force that was unwarranted. There is no excuse, period, for shooting this dog. Who’s policing the police in SLO?


Also did not find police log information for the four officer team assigned to surround my house.


Nobody is policing the police in SLO. They used to be the best, and in my line of work I knew them all, now they are the worst, and the retired officers I know will attest to that.


Most of the new recruits are smart ass know it alls. I’ve had to deal with some very shall we say, anti-hispanic cops with an attitude. Deanna get your officers under control. The few decent one’s on the force look bad from association with these idiot ones.


Don’t forget the round of applause for the concerned citizen who made the call to the police in the first place.


Just a couple of nights before this my house was swarmed with SLOPD officers. I went outside with a flashlight to see what was going on. They did not identify themselves and I easily could have been shot and killed as I approached them. They said they were responding to an alarm call. I have no alarm system other than a standard residential smoke alarm. I found out later that they were at the same block but on the wrong street.


I’d like to hear what the officer and his partner have to say before passing judgment. Pit Bulls can do a lot of damage.


so does a gun


If that “pit bull” had a record of being violent that might be one small point in officer Walsh’s favor… opinion of course.

But lots of people understand that many times dogs will bark and show what we think is aggressive behavior but that they have no intention of biting and with a bit of patience can be petted and befriended.

Postal workers, meter readers, Jehovah’s Witnesses, LDS, pizza delivery…..all kinds of people have dog stories. Yes, some get bit. The vast majority do not. But these folks don’t carry guns and don’t have the right to break the law and shoot dogs if they wish. Cops do.

Officer Walsh didn’t have to shoot the dog. That’s quite obvious. I’m so sick of everyone wanting to cut the police slack every time they do something outrageous! The fact of the matter is that the cops showed up to “help” a victim of a possible burglary and instead shot and killed the person’s dog. What if she had been the victim of a burglary? Then she’d have loss of property, privacy, security AND her dog!

SLO PD offered zero help. They brought a temper-tantrum and death when they rolled up. They did nothing good and created great sadness in a woman’s life.


I go up to houses with dogs who do not know me, but whose owner has authorized me to be there, never a problem. Sometimes some barking, but guess what? I have power of attorney, as it were.


There were plenty of other cops around to tase, pepper spray, bludgeon, or if necessary, shoot the dog if it did indeed attack. The officer was not a lone person much less elderly, a child, or diminutive and weak.

mary margaret

It’s disgraceful that SLOPD officer Walsh has been put on paid leave which amounts to a free vacation. The punishment just became a reward for him. City employees need to be put on unpaid leaves.

Let us see the unedited body cam video of this unfortunate incident.


Does Animal Control shoot dogs? How about UPS delivery drivers, mail carriers, meter readers, etc. shooting dogs in there own space. Trigger happy cop “shoot first,ask questions later” mentality reflects his inability to make rational decisions. Executing innocent animals, whose next? Moron Walsh needs to go.


3 shots were fired 2 hit dog. OMG what was this officer thinking within 4′ range. Poor animal was just protecting his property and reacting to this abusive behavior SLO PD. Was it worth it? how much is this going to cost SLO to defend this officer?


SLO will pay nothing to the victims. They will however pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to outside counsel in addition to paying the City Attorney more than the State Attorney General is paid, plus assistants, to do nothing other than contract work to outside counsel

Niles Q

What a dumbass. This cop turned a false alarm call into another scandalous black eye on SLOPD. He should be fired but probably won’t be. Good thing he didn’t catch the boyfriend fixing his window, probably would have shot him too. Poor dog. I grieve for Bubbers and his family