Officer Josh Walsh shoots dog at SLO apartment

September 26, 2019


A San Luis Obispo woman was surprised, but not worried, to see several officers approaching her Santa Rosa Street apartment; she had broken no laws. Within minutes, an officer following up on a tip of a possible burglary, shot and critically wounded her dog. [Cal Coast Times]

Thursday had started out rough; Riley Manford had broken her bedroom window while trying to force it open. Shortly after she cleaned up the mess, her 7-year-old dog Bubbers began barking at two officers who were walking towards her front door.

One of the officers explained they were following up on a tip that someone was trying to break into her apartment through a window.

“I told them it was me. I live here, my window is broken,” Manford said.

While the first officer appeared calm, the second officer, Josh Walsh, had drawn his gun, appeared agitated, and was cursing, Manford said.

“He said, ‘Take control of your fucking dog!’ ” Manford said. “I told him he was a friendly dog and asked him to put his gun down so I could get Bubbers. He shot at him three times, hit him twice.”

Following the shooting, the dog was transported in critical condition to a veterinary clinic where he underwent emergency surgery.

Officers are conducting an investigation into the incident.

Noodly Appendages

This is why Andy NEVER gives Barney the bullets.


Barney was typically allocated ONE ROUND.


City of San Luis Obispo, take control of your F**king Police Department.


After reading multiple versions of this story and comments – I too am confused about what actually happened.


I’d like to know if any postal worker, pizza delivery person, trick-or-treater, Jehovah’s Witness, LDS Elder, or UPS driver or mother with young kids has been attacked by Bubbers? How many official complaints were filed on behalf of this aggressive, violent dog? Did Bubbers have Rabies? I’lll bet he did!! Yeah….for sure he had rabies. That’s why officer Walsh was so afraid.

Officer Walsh puts his life on the line, every day, all day. You people have NO IDEA the dangers he faces every day, all day, protecting the people of San Luis Obispo from danger.

He obviously feared for his life when Bubbers barked from the yard. And officer Walsh knows what it’s like to fear for his life….because that’s what he does, 24/7/365. His entire career is one big “fear for my life” episode. That’s why cops take steroids, have higher rates of alcohol abuse and domestic violence than serfs. You would too if you were afraid for your life all day, every day.

So that’s the official story: Officer Walsh was afraid for his life so he shot the dog. [/sarcasm]

We all need to be extremely careful to stay away from officer Walsh! He’s obviously not safe to be around, as he’s willing to shoot his gun off in an apartment complex. Also, don’t drive with dogs in the car…….if they bark, they will be shot…..and police don’t really care if their bullets hit someone else, as long as they kill the suspect.


I was a meter reader for 15 years in SLO county, and was never attacked. Lots of dogs are protective, but they usually just stand their ground and bark at you. No one who is terrified of dogs should ever be a policeman, meter reader, postal worker, etc. I can’t imagine the trauma this woman is going through, I hope Bubbers makes a full recovery. And where the hell is the body cam footage so we can really judge what happened?


Oh please, stop with the “life on the line every day…”

Absolute hogwash! Being a police officer in the United States doesn’t rank in the top 10 most dangerous occupations. Look it up.

With that said however, it appears as though all the facts are not in. I’m with the others asking about the body cam footage.

Also, what about other complaints of the dogs alleged aggression? Lots of questions, not enough information. And after the whole lost weapon episode, I too am concerned about a white wash of the events. Will we ever know the truth?

I am a little tired however of hearing about how dangerous a police officers job is. They carry guns and the force of law. And, in California, they are compensated nicely. A 50-year-old law-enforcement officer can retire with 90% of their highest years income (i.e. 3 percent @ 50 CALPERS formula).

I’m not saying they don’t deserve it, but they are compensated nicely. That also doesn’t mean we should not respect them, for that job like many others has its issues and challenges. But it is a choice to become a police officer. They were not drafted to patrol the jungles of Vietnam at age 18 and get shot at, all for $500 a month. They are not soldiers, they are public servants, just like a high school teacher, or an engineer at Caltrans, or the person working at the DMV. Just like any other public employee they deserve respect but not glorification over exaggerated claims of danger.

But regarding the dog shooting issue I am skeptical that we will ever know the truth?

hold it what

I think you miss doct’s sarcasm. Also, cops do choose to be cops, and do put their lives at stake every day, that is not to say they are in peril every day, but if called upon they must answer the call to protect, and I thank them for that.

Unfortunately not all cops choose to be cops to serve and protect, some do it because they feel powerful carrying a gun and being able to bully others, those are the cops that make the good cops look bad, unfortunately. These are thugs and liars with badges that think they are above the law.

Real sad.


Where did the 3rd bullet go? Did the officer panic, and fire without knowing his backstop? Why not pepper spray? Baton? Maybe he is deathly afraid of dogs?


I’ve read several versions of this story. The dog’s owner was moving to control her dog, but hesitated because of the drawn firearm. That is reasonable. I would have been very concerned about the unsafe discharge of the firearm in the vicinity of the dogs owner as she was trying to restrain the animal. The owner could have been accidentally killed by the reckless actions of this officer. Yes, we need to see this on film.


The department appears to be trying to spin it for Josh Walsh by saying the dog was not tethered. The dog was in its yard, no need to be on a leash.

Chief Deanna Cantrell said all officers would wear body cams after she started here. But most attorneys will tell you they rarely have them on and almost always, with the help of the DA, try to keep the videos from the defense. The video here should bury Josh Walsh, a violent, abusive cop who the chief loves because he and his wife Suzi Walsh are the department’s liaisons to the GALA community.


The officer shot the best clue out of pure ignorance. If a burglar is on the premises the dog would be going nuts trying to get at the intruder. Even if the intruder was a squirrel the dog would be fixated on it. Since the dog was only concerned with the officers intruding it should have been obvious no other intruder was there. Don’t these cops have pets?

Uncle Jack

Dogs run up to people 1000’s of times ‘aggressively’ but stop 5-10 feet away and bark. The end result is mostly inconsequential. To a *cop* with his gun (*of the drama seeking, power hungry type like Officer Josh Walsh*) this means get your gun and shoot THREE times at it. Disgraceful.

Officer Walsh is known for showing up to the scene cussing at people. He looks to escalate something into an altercation unless you 100% respect and show him you admire his authority. He is not like most other Officers at SLO PD. They are good. This one is bad.

Please demand answers and if you wish to ask the officer directly about his official duties you can email him directly.

Officer Josh Walsh (the Dog shooter):

SLO PD Phone: 805-781-7317