Officer Josh Walsh shoots dog at SLO apartment

September 26, 2019


A San Luis Obispo woman was surprised, but not worried, to see several officers approaching her Santa Rosa Street apartment; she had broken no laws. Within minutes, an officer following up on a tip of a possible burglary, shot and critically wounded her dog. [Cal Coast Times]

Thursday had started out rough; Riley Manford had broken her bedroom window while trying to force it open. Shortly after she cleaned up the mess, her 7-year-old dog Bubbers began barking at two officers who were walking towards her front door.

One of the officers explained they were following up on a tip that someone was trying to break into her apartment through a window.

“I told them it was me. I live here, my window is broken,” Manford said.

While the first officer appeared calm, the second officer, Josh Walsh, had drawn his gun, appeared agitated, and was cursing, Manford said.

“He said, ‘Take control of your fucking dog!’ ” Manford said. “I told him he was a friendly dog and asked him to put his gun down so I could get Bubbers. He shot at him three times, hit him twice.”

Following the shooting, the dog was transported in critical condition to a veterinary clinic where he underwent emergency surgery.

Officers are conducting an investigation into the incident.


This Josh Walsh POS needs to be investigated and then put out to pasture. Postal letter carriers deal with dogs on a daily basis without owners around to explain the dogs are friendly, and without resorting to shooting the dogs dead!

What’s up with the City of SLO? We were treated to a thug firefighter. Then a thug building inspector. Now an “agitated” thug COP? Dig into this Josh Walsh and you’ll find problems! make sure to screen for all types of ‘roids.

Clean it up already! I hope Ms. Riley Manford sues the backside off of the city!


Hoping that Bubbers is still with us! Please report back.

Way too many fearful men carrying guns in this country, including police officers. Afraid of this, afraid of that, having a bad day, “agitated,” unsympathetic. I don’t know why that is the case, but it is obvious.

And, by the way, nice writing job here by Ms. Velie.

all ways write

Can we get some transparency and see any video footage or has that program ended?

If it happened like the story reads, he should get jail or prison time for sure. There’s probably more to the story. Sad event, too bad it happened.


What an asshole


If only Officer Walsh had left his gun in the john Bubbers would be home getting his belly scratched right now.


Not just any john, the los banos de El Pollo Loco.


This should never have happened –


Need more details or both sides of story, but seems a bit of a major fuck up of an over zealous cop… After this incident that cop may need to keep his gun drawn, because he has one coming back at him after this, if it is as it seems…. But maybe there is more to the story that justifies shooting the dog/suspected burglar a couple times…


Still no report if the dog was a POC (pooch of color).


Walsh is a menace. If I recall correctly, he’s been involved in a number of questionable incidents. Treats a dog this way, imagine how he treats humans.

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