Officer Josh Walsh shoots dog at SLO apartment

September 26, 2019


A San Luis Obispo woman was surprised, but not worried, to see several officers approaching her Santa Rosa Street apartment; she had broken no laws. Within minutes, an officer following up on a tip of a possible burglary, shot and critically wounded her dog. [Cal Coast Times]

Thursday had started out rough; Riley Manford had broken her bedroom window while trying to force it open. Shortly after she cleaned up the mess, her 7-year-old dog Bubbers began barking at two officers who were walking towards her front door.

One of the officers explained they were following up on a tip that someone was trying to break into her apartment through a window.

“I told them it was me. I live here, my window is broken,” Manford said.

While the first officer appeared calm, the second officer, Josh Walsh, had drawn his gun, appeared agitated, and was cursing, Manford said.

“He said, ‘Take control of your fucking dog!’ ” Manford said. “I told him he was a friendly dog and asked him to put his gun down so I could get Bubbers. He shot at him three times, hit him twice.”

Following the shooting, the dog was transported in critical condition to a veterinary clinic where he underwent emergency surgery.

Officers are conducting an investigation into the incident.


i am so, so sorry your tragic and unnecessary loss.


to the owner of the dog I’m truly sorry for your loss. Get yourself the best attorney and sue the shit out of SLO PD


From: “citizensoldier”

To: “tshalhoob”

Sent: Friday, September 27, 2019 10:14:27 AM

Subject: Officer Josh Walsh (the Dog shooter): SLO PD Phone: 805-781-7317

Sargent Shalhoob.


As Officer John Walsh’s Supervisor, I wanted to ask you if you think, feel or believe that: “An agitated officer is a danger to the citizenry?”

Perhaps it is now time for Officer Walsh to take a “time out” from the mean streets of SLO City and ride a desk, unless no one “inside” likes this man’s attitude.

“Attitude is a little thing, that makes a big difference” Why does Officer Walsh appear agitated? Why did he alone draw his weapon and fire on a family pet?

Was SLO City protocol/procedure followed before, during and after “the shooting?”

I will be very happy to read your response, kind Sir.




Wow plenty of comments and all on the side of the dog, or against the cop. OK, fair enough, I wasn’t there, I don’t know the facts and will be as interested and BTW just as suspicious of a SLOPD Cantrell typical cover-up as many of you might be HOWEVER,

Having been bitten while walking, from behind by a “gentle family pet” pit bull/Staffordshire Terrier years ago, and having had our little rescue dog attacked months ago on a mid-street walk by a PB that pushed out it’s front screen door and RAN CHARGED across a front yard and across a public street to bite our passive frightened little rescue, I’m in the camp that ALL pit bulls bear the scars of their breeding and are a VOLATILE danger.

Therefore were I on the local police revue commission, I’d side with the cop on this one. Worthless aggressive breed with broad known history of violence. (Not Walsh; the DOG).


Funny, I noticed how more people reacted poorly to the police shooting a dog, than they typically do when an officer shoots an actual person.

I mean when a human is shot there is not a shortage of; “he must of had it coming” comments.

At least you are consistent in support of police shootings; that dog had it coming.

Anytime a fire arm is discharged it should warrant additional scrutiny; dog or human.

Is it also too much to ask our civil servants not to use the F-word in the course of their duty? Poorly chosen words escalate any situation.

A more articulate, and respectful officer, could have perhaps avoided this situation altogether.


Hmmmm….. I think I saw this on a Reno 911 episode.


That is one department that needs new leadership….too bad this Barney Fife cop didn’t lose his gun on his lunch break…isn’t he suppose to keep his bullet in his shirt pocket?…

what the

Body cam footage?


You may call BS but, I’d seriously take a bite from a scared dog protecting it’s owner before I’d launch a volley of bullets at it. You always have the option of backing away from a barking dog and typically that’s all they’re after. Then let the owner tie it up or whatever…….