Paso Robles police looking for ‘perfume bandit’

September 23, 2019


Paso Robles police are searching for a woman who allegedly stole more than $1,000 of perfume from a beauty store Sunday afternoon. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly before 4 p.m., the woman entered Ulta Beauty and stole the perfume, police wrote on Facebook. Police dubbed the woman the “perfume bandit” and said it is suspected she is also responsible for other thefts on the Central Coast.

Anyone who recognizes the alleged thief is asked to call Officer Petlachi at (805) 227-7472. “Well this stinks,” police said.


G’day copperhead & Rambunctious(love your handle, so fun!),

Both the crime and the law are truly odious.


Lowering the bar on consequences for bad behavior will lead to more bad behavior.

Put yourself into a shop owner’s shoes and then ask yourself how you feel about a law that reduces the consequences on folks that get caught stealing from you. Let’s say you sell sunglasses from a mobile kiosk or small store and you are barely making ends meet and some ‘punk’ grabs some of your ‘hard earned’ inventory knowing if they get caught it won’t be a big deal in the punishment department. Criminally thinking…

When you call the Police for “help” you will then come to understand the hierarchy of need in the criminal justice system, as the crime committed against you isn’t a big deal, I believe your attitude would be a bit more conservative, than it appears today.

I do not agree that the poop problem is incorrectly stated as this post below suggests. The problem is squarely in the elected ‘local’ public servants lap.

Legitimizing bad behavior creates a very slippery slope.

“This is very much a problem but it is incorrectly stated as California’s problem. This America’s problem. It just so happens that because California is relatively rich, tends to have some of the most tolerable year round weather and the people are relatively compassionate a large percentage of the homeless of all of America are moving to California.”

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Hi, Please do not post song lyrics.



What would be the appropriate penalty for this type of “high crimes”? Before answering, and I do want an answer, remember that thousand bucks worth of perfume she stole will cost you, the taxpayer, anywhere from $20K – $45K a year when you incarcerate her.

The Constitution allows for slavery when it comes to convicted felons, right? So why not indenture this woman, if convicted, to the store she stole from. Have her do menial labor where half her wage goes back to the store and the courts until her restitution is paid off.

It’s time we stopped locking up non-violent property criminals and time to put them to work!


Did the cops really say “this stinks”? Good pun, but shouldn’t it be “this is fragrant”?


I’m sure Paso PD will soon sniff this one out….


With a statute such as this, it is surprising that there is not more of this type of theft.

It seems that someone having criminal intent would know nor to steal more than $950.00 worth of merchandise so as to keep their behavior within the threshold provided for by this 2014 law.

California citizens should vote for better commonsense lawmakers.


She stole more than a thousand dollars worth of perfume meaning that she could potentially be charged with a felony. If she had stole less than $950 it would be considered petty theft and result in potentially six months in county jail. Either way, she stole and so she deserves to have her day in court over this. Not sure why you’re turning it into a criticism of the legislature.


But how hard will detectives work to locate a “petty thief” when their time is better spent on felony crimes. When you lower the bar, you will get more folks participating.

Consequences have a chilling effect on most. The hard core could care less.


Ever been to Singapore? It’s REALLY clean.

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Hi, Please do not post song lyrics.



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