Affordable small-home development proposed in Atascadero

October 16, 2019


A development firm is seeking permission to build a community of micro-houses along El Camino Real in Atascadero. [Tribune]

Cal Coastal Properties’ proposed development, Grand Oaks Paseo, would consist of 30 micro-homes on a 1.7-acre El Camino Real lot near the Kmart shopping center and Highway 101. Plans call for a mix of 26 one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom homes.

The micro-homes would be 500-to-900 square foot houses and live-work spaces. The planned development would also include a community event center, open spaces and 80 parking spots.

Ted Lawton, of Cal Coastal Properties, said the homes are projected to cost about $200,000 to $300,000. Lawton estimates buyers’ monthly mortgage payments would range from $1,400 to $1,800.

Cal Coastal Properties will present the project to the Atascadero City Council on Nov. 12. If the project gains city approval, the developers plan to complete it in 16 to 24 months.

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Who likes other people so much that you want to live mashed up against them?

These developers are showing us all just another Kelly Gearhart “Fad” type experiment. Such as a failed trailer court behind A&W, a drive-thru liquor store or a mini pitch-and-putt golf course. With no garages or 10×10 sheds this is a future eyesore if individually owned. With individual owners trying to paint their spiffy box pink or purple there will be more chaos on this property than Grand View Apartments. These micro home dwellers will be annoyed by neighbors pets while tripping over each other’s big wheels and their outside precious possessions. Affordable with a Home Owner’s Association fee and you have to park down the street in a common carport with no ability to watch your car, Cmon really!

If this was a motel with cabins where one owner maintained the premises then the property could be kept up. In the end the developers will be sipping Merlot in their ocean view Pismo homes while gleefully pulling one over on the Atascadero Planning Commission. I can guarantee none of the developers will be willing to live in one of their micro homes.

BTW, if this was San Jose, 70% of those 80 parking spaces must have electric vehicle charging stations. Just guess how many of these get turned into AirBnB rentals.

Merlot? Really?

The HOA fees will probably be higher than one might expect….I’m glad you mentioned them.

Perhaps these micro-homes might be some sort of mandate required by the state in order for the developers to be able to build other projects? Kinda like the retrofitting of toilets a couple decades ago. Surely I’m not the only one that remembers seeing trucks full of perfectly good, removed non-lowflow toilets headed north for resale?

Back then SLO plumbers and contractors would show up and install a new lowflow for free, so they could get a permit for a remodel, etc.

i wonder if this project isn’t something along those lines.

I’m thinking it would make a wonderful city for the homeless. All we need to do is raise taxes…..

300k buys a whole buncha house with large yard pool and barn in other states……

But then again, the convenience of being right up against the freeway is often forfeited in other states where rural, forested land is far too often blocking the view. Ditto being in a cosmopolitan center of fashion and hip eateries like Atascadero.

You don’t get that in other states……

It’s worth it folks. Just being able to hear the freeway is worth 50k……and those electric cars are pretty quiet, so the noise is going to be much sweeter going forward.

A private property owner, or investment group have to spend so much money, and go through so many costly hoops in order to pay for planning and permits I order to develop a particular property. An affordable home for me comes with a rent or mortgage of around $700 – $800. Then tack on property taxes, utilities, insurance…now you’re looking at around thousand or more per month. Toss in regular upkeep and you’re looking at more. If these are rented you may be looking at subsidized renters and lower property taxes that the rest of us have to cover. Probably the only way to have truly affordable housing is for the local government to build and manage low rent “projects” that the rest of us will end up supporting.

$200,000 for a 500sqft box? This some kind of F’ing joke?

It’s a basic footprint for a timeshare development morphed into a trailer court with 1000 sqft lots. Would Atascadero approve this as a timeshare development?

Welcome to the future Chinafornia.

I prefer the term Calizuela.