Cal Poly fraternity accused of waterboarding, video

October 4, 2019

A Cal Poly fraternity is under investigation after a video of a hazing incident similar to waterboarding was posted on social media.

Earlier this year, during a “beer die match” at Beta Theta Pi, pledges were subjected to “punishment” for failing to score points, according to the Mustang News. While pledges laid on their backs, water was sprayed on their faces.

Waterboarding is a form of torture in which water is poured over a cloth covering the face of a restrained victim, which causes the person to experience symptoms of drowning. In this case, the pledges were not restrained.


Beyond ridiculous. Frat Boys playing with water from a hose bib. What losers.


Like it or not, hazing is still against the law. It isn’t about whether the person consented to the act or not, it is about the fraternity and the dangers hazing exposes the participant to… People wanting to get into a fraternity will many times do things they would not have normally done if not for the pressure….


The Future of America, folks. Idiocracy

Francesca Bolognini

Another Supreme Court Justice in the making!


“Education” just isn’t what it used to be, as evidenced by the misuse of the term “WATERBOARDING” which is a form of torture and not to be confused with a juvenile prank used for publicity.

Seems that for some, up is down these days. Sheesh!


Most frat hazing is voluntary, but remains prohibited.


“A Cal Poly fraternity is under investigation…”

Well, now, OK- thanks for the information. But would you please tell us “under investigation” by whom?


The guy getting waterboarded seems to be consenting. He is not tied or cuffed and no one is holding him down.

Is it now illegal to lie supine under a water spigot?


Stupid, but obviously voluntary.


And the bystanders who watch and filmed this will get 20+ and ruined for life. Then there is Pukes like Wright who beat innocent women and he’ll walk away in 30 for good behavior.