FBI agents raid three homes in SLO County, arrest two men

October 1, 2019


FBI agents raided three homes on Tuesday morning of people accused of selling methamphetamine, heroin or illegal firearms. Agents arrested two suspected drug dealers. [Cal Coast Times]

During a three month investigation, FBI agents taped and surveilled a confidential informant while he purchased methamphetamine, heroin and an assault weapon from Gary Allan Wallravin, 64, of Santa Margarita and Marc Kenneth Wolf, 49, of Atascadero.

On July 17 and July 23, Wallravin sold the informant methamphetamine and heroin from his 22617 K Street home.

“The CHS (informant) walked up to the front door of the Wallravin premises and Wallravin answered through a screen door. Wallravin asked the CHS ‘What do you need?’ and the CHS replied, ‘I need to get well. I got some money.’ Walravin asked, ‘How much?’ and the CHS stated, ‘Can I get a gram?’ Wallravinn opens the door and stated, ‘Let’s make this quick. The CHS asked Wallravin, ‘Do you have clear too,’ and Wallravin replied, ‘Yes.’ The CHS handed Wallravin $160 in cash for the methamphetamine and heroin,” according to the criminal complaint.

22617 K Street

On July 31, Woff sold the informant, who was wearing a wire, methamphetamine from his home at 5305 Vega Avenue in Atascadero.

The CHS “told Wolf that the CHS is doing well selling drugs in Bakersfield. The CHS told Wolf that the CHS needs to pick up some stuff to keep his Bakersfield people cool. Wolf asked the CHS, ‘You got money for that or what?’ CHS replied, ‘I got money for that, fuck yeah.’ Wolf replies, ‘I got some stuff,’ ” according to court documents.

On Sept. 10, the informant asked Wolf if he knew where he could buy a firearm. Wolf then sold the informant methamphetamine and an AR-15-style firearm from the “Carter Premises” at 1835 Vine Street in Paso Robles.

“The CHS then asked Wolf if ‘Spooky’ was around to give the CHS a piece (firearm) for protection. Wolf replied, ‘Did you check Trent, he’s your best bet?’ Approximately five minutes later, Wolf told the CHS, ‘Let me make a call and find out if he’s still got it.’ Wolf then made a telephone call on his cell phone,” according to court records.

Early Tuesday morning, FBI agents raided the Wallravin, Wolf and Carter residences and arrested Wallravin and Wolf. The suspects could appear in court later today.

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Apparently a rat was working over-time, though something is definitely missing from this story. They must have hoped for a better bust of more guns or more dope, other than the small pickings they got. Seems like a lot of work to just get three low level criminals, if they are even that. Marc Wolf is an exceptional artist, regardless of what he may have gotten caught up in, he isn’t some low life criminal. East to get caught up in the muck when doing some person a favor when you think they are your friend…

What happened to this country we live in ? This is America people you know the land of the free , if people want to use meth let them ruin there lives no skin off your nuts ! And as for the guns we all have the right in the United States to bare arms . I think this crap is trumped up to the max . so our federal and local police depts. Get kudos like there really doing there job give me a break . anyone who thinks these guys are hardened criminals you guys are idiots . I went to high school with Mr wolf and he is an awesome artist and. Ones from good family ties so get your stories right cause what I’ve seen here is b.s. no body was shot or robbed and these guys are small town people and don’t deserve to be thrown in prison.my tax dollars are wasted every day on supporting illegal immigrants ! And trumped up law enforcement .piss on you all .

The FBI can now sell their meth in the prison! Yay!

Take a drug addict off the street and make him buy his own drugs! That’s some justice.

Again, if they could keep drugs out of prison I’d be willing to let them try to keep drugs off the streets. But they can’t do either.

War on Drugs=War on Freedom. (mainly I DON”T mean the freedom to use drugs, but all the other freedoms we forfeit when we allow cops to do this crap.)

Perhaps the meth wasn’t from a DEA/CIA approved cartel?

As for the firearms….as a libertarian I think everyone should be able to purchase a firearm as well as sell one. While I fully understand that doing so without the proper permissions in place will land a person in jail, I do not agree with the laws that allow for this.

No one knew these guys were selling dope and guns….in other words no one got shot or hurt, other than the idiots who use the meth.

Call in the cops when someone gets hurt. Until then, if it’s out of sight, hearing and smell, what’s the problem? I realize these comments are going to enrage people who believe that cops doing this sort of thing will keep drugs off the streets and that “something needs to be done,” etc.

If police could stop drugs from entering the prisons, I’d be a bit more lenient in allowing them to continue their multi-decade experiment called the War on Drugs…..which hasn’t eliminated drugs in any way, shape or form!

A war on guns will work every bit as well as a war on drugs!

Everyone needs to keep in mind that if guns are illegal, only criminals will have them!

At the same time, if guns are illegal….like drugs….everyone will be able to obtain them and afford them. Remember, it’s far easier to buy meth or weed at the local junior highschool than it is to buy alcohol or a gun!

Why? Because when something is illegal, it is by definition no longer regulated…which means the black/free market will operate very efficiently and get folks the illegal stuff they want. That’s exactly what we’ve seen in the War on Drugs and it’s exactly what we’ll see in the War on Guns.

The whole thing is DUMB.

How about the FBI investigating widespread civil corruption in this county? It’s happening, I hear.


I don’t care who served these warrants and investigated this case. Anybody selling methamphetamine AND assault rifles is bad news and needs to be ferreted out. By the way, the Federal crimes here are selling methamphetamine, selling firearms without an FFL, probably conspiracy to do both. I bet there is more to the story that CCN will report to us once the filings are turned in to the Federal court in LA.

Was it really an assault rifle, or more like an “assault’ style rifle… Still against the law either way to purchase from a private sell of such, but was it just a semi-auto hunting rifle or a fully auto assault rifle… It matters to some… Deer season and such…

Three months? I think money spent here could be put to better use.

No better use for the time and money! That’s exactly what I want my tax dollars to pay for.

Do you think that’s all they did in 3 months? dude…

FBI raids… for meth? Something strange here.

No, not strange. Costing the taxpayers a lot of money in the destruction of lives that we will be on the hook for, be it jail, rehab, homelessness, lifelong dependence on government. Delighted by the FBI raids, the Sheriff and other local police need all the help they can get. Maybe IronHub is arguing a civil rights violation?

I think IronHub is wondering what the Federal crime is, that would involve the FBI

California government doesn’t give a rip about crime. Penalties have been nerfed to the point that they aren’t deterrents. Without heat from the Feds these scumbags would still be running amok.

these guys were just arrested. Doesn’t care about crime?