Missing Lompoc man’s car found two years after his disappearance

October 29, 2019

Zachery Taylor Wilks


Investigators have found the wrecked vehicle of a Lompoc man who went missing nearly 2.5 years ago and whom still has not been found. [Cal Coast Times]

Zachery Taylor Wilks, 27, left Lompoc late on May 24, 2017, heading to Las Vegas in a 1994 Honda Civic. On Friday, Wilks’s vehicle was apparently recovered off of Highway 166 in Kern County, according to a Lompoc Police Department announcement.

The police announcement did not name Wilks, but it stated the vehicle that was found belonged to a Lompoc man who was reported missing in May 2017. The vehicle was involved in a collision that caused major damaged and ended with the car in dense brush off the side of the roadway, according to the announcement.

An investigation is ongoing and multiple agencies are involved. Police have yet to release further details about their progress in the search for Wilks.

Jorge Estrada

Somebody didn’t get out of their cushy seat and missed this one.

George Garrigues

“whom still has not been found.” No, should be “who” (subject of “has not been”). Not the worst thing that’s happened today, though.


“Who/whom” may be trivial, but CCN really does need help with grammar and occasionally even spelling. Past errors, taken literally, have changed the intended meaning of a statement. I very much appreciate CCN’s reporting. Yet it would be even better if CCN could bring in one or two high school students on internships to proofread everything.