Power outages and fires ravage California

October 30, 2019

Kincade Fire


Large and small fires are burning in numerous California counties, and PG&E is continuing to preemptively shut off power to hundreds of thousands of residents, though many customers are having their electricity restored on Wednesday. [Cal Coast Times]

On or around Saturday, PG&E shut off power for approximately 973,000 customers, which affected an estimated total of more than 2 million people. By Tuesday night, 73 percent of those customers had their power restored.

But on Tuesday, PG&E was expected to cut power to about 510,000 customers in sections of 22 counties. On Wednesday, PG&E said the weather was such that it could restore power to all counties except Kern County.

The utility has been citing dry, windy conditions as a reason for needing to implement outages. PG&E’s John Lindsey said peak winds on Wednesday were expected to range between 50 and 70 mph in parts of Ventura and Los Angeles counties. The winds may be felt as far north as SLO County, Lindsey said.

In Northern California, the destructive Kincade Fire has now been burning for nearly a week in Sonoma County. As of Wednesday morning, the Kincade Fire had burned 76,825 acres and was 30 percent contained. The blaze has destroyed 206 structures, damaged 40 and is threatening an additional total of more than 90,000, according to Cal Fire.

Meanwhile, several fires are wreaking havoc in Southern California.

The Easy Fire, which is burning in Simi Valley, is threatening the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, which has been evacuated. Seven thousand homes in the area are also under mandatory or voluntary evacuation orders. The Easy Fire has thus far burned 1,300 acres and is 5 percent contained.

In Los Angeles County, the Tick Fire is almost fully contained after burning more than 4,600 acres. The Getty Fire, which is burning near the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, has burned 745 acres and is 27 percent contained, as of Wednesday morning. The Getty Fire has destroyed 12 homes, damaged five and is threatening more than 7,000.

In SLO County, a fire broke out Wednesday in Paso Robles. A structure was on fire on 28th Street near Spring Street, according to Cal Fire.

Paso Robles and Templeton firefighters, as well as Cal Fire personnel, were battling the blaze. Authorities have yet to update the status of the Paso Robles fire.


I have a better idea:

1. Allow all fires to burn in such a way that they destroy a lot of property and displace people.

2. After successfully doing number one, apply for federal aid, IE FEMA money

3. Repeat year after year.

That’s why the fires are so “severe” now.



You never disappoint. Just don’t forget to add the federal government flood insurance that will payout to rebuild even closer to the water in hurricane prone provinces. Wash, rinse, repeat…

“It’s funny, because it’s true” / It’s Funny ‘Cause He’s Fat


Clear the eco-politicians who think with their emotions. Build a commonsense break between government and the citizens.

Commence proper forestry management activity now.


Ironic how the same leftist thinking/activity that led to the problems, now seeks to take over.

“Government is not the solution to the problem. Government is the problem.”


Proposition 47 is another lefty lunacy gripping Pelosi’s district.

Nothing to see there. “Get Trump” at all costs.

How’s that working for all y’all?


Clear the brush and dead trees…remove dried out tinder and branches from below and above power lines…carve fire breaks into the dried out hillsides….how do you start a campfire….with kindling and a flame…we must clear out kindling…especially near developed land and power lines….there…see how reasonable that sounds while the fires are burning?….


But before you do, have all the resource agencies you can think of review the project, verify that it’s not critical habitat, and impose conditions of approval that make it nearly impossible to accomplish in a timely and economical fashion. Of course the conditions they impose conflict with one another, which will give you a one or two day window each year to actually get the work done. Gotta give those agencies something to justify their existence. Have an archeologist and biologist on site the whole time work is in progress to slow things down even more.