Red-legged frog slows another SLO County sewer project

November 29, 2019


For the second time this month, a major sewer construction project in San Luis Obispo County is delayed after a red-legged frog was spotted nearby. [Cal Coast Times]

For years, the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District has struggled to get its $29 million redundancy project under construction.  Earlier this year, the project was stalled for several months while the sanitation district board pursued a Community Workforce Agreement.

During a biological examination of Meadow Lagoon in 2012, surveyors discovered an endangered species, a red-legged frog, just feet from the sanitation district property. Even so, the sanitation district’s current environmental consultant, Rincon, determined the redundancy project was “not likely to adversely affect” the frog, which has not recently been spotted on the sanitation district property.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service disagreed with Rincon, as the property is adjacent to Arroyo Grande Creek and Meadow Lagoon, both known to have red-legged frog populations.

The sanitation district is planning to have construction work continue during wet weather, which is when male frogs are likely to travel long distances to mate.

The sanitation district secured a low-interest federal loan to partially fund the project, which requires it to be in compliance with rules pertaining to endangered species.

Sanitation district staff is recommending the board vote to get a “take permit,” which will allow workers to manage any red-legged frogs they encounter during construction, according to next week’s a meeting agenda. The approval process takes between 30 and 135 days to complete.

Before the latest wrinkle, the $29 million redundancy project costs were running 35 percent over district estimates, raising concerns that the project itself may go considerably over budget.

Based on the current delay, the sanitation district redundancy project is likely to be completed near the end of 2022.

Earlier this month, the possibility of causing harm to the red-legged frog caused the city of Morro Bay to halt breaking ground on its new sewer plant, while U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reviews the project’s potential impacts on the frog species.

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I have to laugh at this as years ago when a friend was working on the twin bridges in Morro Bay they had a Biologist there all the time to monitor them so they would not harm the frogs and one day the Biologist said in order to do some work they had to create a holding pond and put these frogs in it so they would not harm them while they did the work. They did this and a short time later they noticed these big white birds dipping into the pond and low and behold were eating all the frogs they just put there. Made it a lot easier on birds as now all the frogs were in one place . At least the workers didn’t hurt them so the rules were followed.

Anyone interested in a Red Legged Frog Farm? Frogs sold for intentional plants that result in cost overruns to be funded by we taxpayers? Certainly a possibility.

Is it really the US Fish and Wildlife or is it the State of Californian Fish and Wildlife? There is a big difference between a Federal and State agency as we all know that the State agencies cherry pick their enforcement customers, especially those funded by the taxpayers. This is how over regulation exists and is a very manipulative false sense of security.



You are correct, there is a U.S. Fish and Wildlife and there is a California Fish and Wildlife. If we aren’t careful there will be a County Fish and Wildlife as well as a City Fish and Wildlife. More jobs, crappier roads and allot of finger pointing in the courtroom for the mistrials. Oh yes, more tax dollars for that too.

A. He funded DARPA, which created the Internet.

B. Dan Quayle is the one who can’t spell.


The issue of concern to me is the fleecing of the Anerican cirizens.

Your recoil over Vice-President Gore is a meaningless distraction, given what is truly at stake…

An endangered species and earth’s tipping point ecologically for current biology? Seems like the stakes are pretty high in this discussion of a sewage plant. And Mr Yan is doing a service by correcting disinformation propoganda and lies.

Animals before people? What happens when people become endangered?

Yeah. People aren’t endangered. And if we become endangered it will be our own doing. War, environmental catastrophe, self poisoning, whatever.

Fentynal currently kills 90 persons per day in the USA.

All part of the plan. Delays increase the cost, which means more profits, more money changing hands, and more likely than not, more money going under the table to “fund” the people making decisions. Putting the blame on a frog is convenient, but makes no sense because in the end, the entities ultimately losing out are the frogs and the people who actually pay for the sewer.

What’s more disturbing to me is the source of funds “the sanitation district secured a low-interest federal loan to partially fund the project”. The district is borrowing from the federal govt ($22T in debt) and will pay it back with interest so our taxes pay interest on the federal debt + return of principal and interest on the borrowed money. How about shelving the project until the funds are available without interest?

You are onto something very smart copperhead. Great to see a commonsense thought presented in Wastewaterland, where stupidity is stoked in the name of “saving the planet.”

Good on you!

This is absolutely hilarious ….LOL and sad .It seems to me that once the project is completed the total benefit to all species will out weigh the loss of a few frogs or newts .Sometimes a person just can’t make this kind of stuff up


Would you please tell us what think/feel/believe that the “benefits” are?

“Specifically,” please.

The growing cost is a benefit to whom exactly?

Perhaps hearing it from Al Gore might help you to understand my point.

boiling frog analogy explained | boiling frog illustration | boiling frog syndrome

I wouldn’t listen to Al Gore for a single minute … A: claims he invented internet B : invented the new word Potatoe … Also an efficient sanitation system will cause less environmental impacts due to less operating problems ….If designed correctly

A broken analog clock is correct twice daily.