San Luis Obispo man suing vape company

November 9, 2019


A San Luis Obispo man filed a lawsuit Thursday against Juul over alleged injuries he suffered while using the company’s vapes. [KSBY]

In the suit he filed in the San Luis Obispo County Superior Court, Nick Limpangug says that as a young adult he suffered serous injuries as a result of vaping. Juul Labs produces electronic cigarettes.

Limpangug accuses Juul of negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation and deceit. Specifically, the suit claims Juul deliberately markets to minors and young adults “falsely advertising its e-cigarette system as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes.”

Amid increasing scrutiny from federal regulators, multiple former users and a former employee have filed lawsuits against Juul.

Late last month, the former employee accused Juul in a lawsuit of terminating him after he raised safety concerns.

Juul argues its products are intended to help adults quit smoking cigarettes and that they are working to curb underage use.

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And uhhh, SLAPP, aka libel lawsuites, poor Karen, also, I feel for you truly, BS libel lawsuites for speaking the god damn truth did damage i can’t comprehend to you and your family, your time as a top end journalist working for major firms, you were Donald Trumped with a Libel suite, have been used by Trump hundreds, if thousands of times, to stifle public debate; his tax returns, his bankruptcies, his debts, someone speaking truthfully negative about him and his father and their 500 million dollar embezzlement, lawsuite!. So, the right, not left, not CA liberals, just Trump, is the holy grail of Court Congestion, excess lawsuites etc. IF ANYONE KNOWS ITS KAREN, and Trump loves to sue, not because he received lung cancer on FDA reduced oversight on ECIG juice, due to our current administration. This week, will see more Libel Lawsuites and abuse of our courts from Trump, unlike any human or president before us. Dick Nixon and Clinton ain’t got shit on this shit show of a swamp being drained. Mark my words. Trump is in favor of Libel lawsuites, a fking fact! Google Trump Libel speech.

It’s like suing a soda company because you switched from a 12 pack a day of regular soda to diet but still had health issues and didn’t lose any weight.

Did he think think vaping was going to be good for him?

If he would have read the Juul marketing information he may have thought so.

It was billed; as a safe, effective, tool to use in one’s quest to quit smoking cigarettes.

The vaporization of water mixed with glycols has not been truly tested to be safe for your lungs, and should not be marketed as a safe alternative to cigarette smoking until it has done so.

His thinking was clouded :-) by purposefully misleading marketing on this subject.

“Designed for smokers, by smokers.”

“JUUL Labs was founded by former smokers, James and Adam, with the goal of improving the lives of the world’s one billion adult smokers by eliminating cigarettes. We envision a world where fewer adults use cigarettes, and where adults who smoke cigarettes have the tools to reduce or eliminate their consumption entirely, should they so desire.” – Juul’s Mission Statement

Maybe, just maybe, just like big tobacco did in the lead up to the law suits filed against them Juul suppressed the adverse effects of glycols? I cannot see the same science being used by the like trained scientists in the same discipline coming up with any thing different then what current science is discovering. They either didn’t do any type of study(s) or they ignored what they found.

Just a thought…

The sad part is he will probably win. Leaving an opening for everybody else to sue.

There was already class action suits brought against Juul. It sounds like he’s goin’ it alone, either a very brave move or not so much.

We are all gullible to a certain extent especially when we are so programed by society that anything pitched by the media is okay. Also, this is the type of BS that goes on when we call for less oversight and control from our government and leave it to companies to self regulate; then again, with the history of the FDA and their lax system of regulation we’re sure to see this type of thing continuing.

I like to drink beer, if I get liver cancer, is it the beer companies fault, nope, another dumbass suing because they can’t accept responsibility for their own actions.

That’s a stretch, a real stretch! Considering the information available about alcohol related liver disease from decades of research, addiction and deaths you would be making a very informed decision when you tip that bottle back.

On the other hand there is little or no research on vaping that addressed its potential risk to health, other than the already established fact that nicotine is very addictive, and considering the FDA didn’t have any control over vaping until 2016 an informed decision was almost impossible to make.

Here’s the warning label on vaping products ““This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.” No shit Sherlock, right? No where does it state it may cause lung damage, disease or death. Also, the FDA just this year determined that Juul had illegally marketed it’s product as a “safe alternative to smoking”.

Being responsible for ones own actions is a two-way street, unless of course you’re a company whos profits would be hurt if they were actually held responsible for their actions, right? Then of course it’s the end user at fault. Don’t you just love out of control death dealing capitalism at its best?

Sorry dude, no one forced you to Vape. Take responsibility for your own actions and move on.

Yea, it’s like the drivers of cars that were deemed safe by the manufacturer and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and then caused death and injury because of proven defects, right? They should just move on because of course it’s the victims and their families responsibility as no one forced them to drive..

Better term in the current political climate? Get Over It! Just helpin’….

Gee who would have thought smoking something is bad for you, and that the manufacturer says there are no harmful effects. Guess Nick Limpangug never read about the history of the cigarette industry, maybe he should have before starting vaping? “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it”, guess George Santayana was right.

Goes into it full well knowing the consequences and now claims he’s been injured. What a wonderfully irresponsible, litigious society the left has created.

A society currently being run by the right-wrong.

Why is it the “lefts” fault? I bet you’d find that this type of stuff happens with the right just as much as with the left. I guess just like the right they want to spread “leftist” fear rather than tryin’ to get to the real why’s and how’s, huh? Besides, bitch about it all you want, it’s the legal system based on our Constitution that ensures our day in court when we are harmed, even if it’s the left using it. Don’t like it? Change it!

+/- 1,900

That’s the amount of lawsuits brought by your president, The Pervert, the leader of the so called right, over the years. Do you feel that these were “wonderfully irresponsible” as well? Or does that view only apply to those of the so-called left? Hypocrisy is easy to recognize when it’s so damn obvious. And if it isn’t hypocritical to you Side_Show’? Call out your president in the same manner!

He needs to google Trump lawsuites, not including not paying taxes on 500 million dollar inheritance and his FATHERS prison sentence for tax evasion!. His son in laws dad, Kushner, EX felon for money crimes. High crimes, not petty, and unlike the commoner, don’t suffer the ramifications of being tagged as a post prisoner and screwed of civil liberties because they’re RICH.