SLO Tribune parent company’s stock crashes

November 16, 2019


McClatchy stock dropped 65 percent on Friday, two days after the SLO Tribune’s parent company reported a net loss of $304.7 million in the third quarter of 2019.

McClatchy’s stock closed at 49 cents on Friday, its lowest price to date. With approximately $700 million in debt, the company is unable to pay $120 million in pension obligations due in 2020.

In September, the New York Stock Exchange placed the company on notice that if it did not reverse its declining stock prices, that it would be delisted. McClatchy’s total revenues for the first three quarters of 2019 were down 11.4 percent compared to the first nine months of 2018.

As part of a downsizing of the newspaper’s operation, the SLO Tribune moved to a smaller office in April. A few weeks ago, the SLO Tribune stopped printing a Saturday paper.

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I impose on your gracious nature one and all.

I was born in 1956 and just lost a good friend to opioid use-abuse g2 was a year younger than me. He was. Crazy diamond, like so many others here.

Sent to some others…

For Stansbury

May he forever Rest in Peace

“Can you feel the real me? Can you?”

Sorry for your loss, may he rest in peace…

I’ve been there and done that citizen’, on more than one occasion, what I didn’t have was a place like this to reach out to for some understanding and support, two things that help heal your wounds. I’m so sorry that so many here have cast a negative “vote” on your pain and loss, I wish it was different…


“A painful time in our life is what I call a healing crisis. We are letting go of something old and opening to something new.” – Shakti Gawain

Before I attach the liberal or conservative label, I attach the “just plain stupid” label. The Trib is just plain stupid. Are there any daily home deliveries of non-stupid papers in this area?

“Liberal”? What a joke. Most of those posting here have never even heard an actual liberal point of view. Media being corporate owned, it is all skewed in the direction of corporate interests. But this country has been hearing only corporate voices for so long, that the attitudes to the right of Hitler sound normal, so The Tribune seems radical left! Seriously. There is no perspective left after the Telecommunications Act of ’95, when Clinton and his congress deregulated ownership of all outlets to be combined into the hands of only five or six ownerships. Free Press? HA!

Trust me, you are not informed. Especially if you are following a corporate funded “news” sources. Or the far right propaganda. None of it is telling you the full story and none of it is working for your interests. Get real. We can’t afford to continue partisan propaganda wars and expect to create a sustainable future or even a livable one.

Leftist spin is reality?

Real Liberals know that what is going on in in the leftwing world

, if unchecked, will stamp out real liberalism as fast or faster than the right wing protagonists.

When the majority of Muslims stand up and against the radicals who want America to buen to the ground, there will be a very positive change, in the Land of the Free & Home of the Brave.

Everyone knows where everyone stands, but few know why.

The Tribune promotes Adam Hill and others affiliated with him and the SLO Progressives. It ignores that six elected officials did not claim donations from a pot dealer close to Hill and a partner of the head of the SLO Progressives and the SLO Democratic Central Committee.

Meanwhile, Tribune reporters and commentators trash Republican women for not marching with a group who include men who denigrate woman who do not agree with them. The women’s march is a hand of the SLO Progressives meant to paint those who expose the corruption of Adam Hill, Nick Andre, and Heidi Harmon and others as hating women. The Tribune is not news, it is political advocacy. Also, is the paper motivated by one of their biggest advertisers being the pot dealer?

Good riddance….a one sided news rag.


To reverse their bad fortune, the SLO TT ought to start by firing Joe Tarica and the SLO TT editorial board, because fake news will never be embraced by average people.

We are seeing the beginning of the end.

The SLO TT deserves what they get.

$0.49 a share seems WAAAYYYYY overvalued…

Whwn the reporting of news “business model” is more important than reporting the news, the people speak with their attention or lack of interest in you3 busi news model.

ABC is owned by Disney now so it will take as little longer for outlets like that to feel the heat given off by disinterested citizens who are seeking news.

Digital technology is making freedom of choice possible.

Why read or watch opinion based reporting when you don’t have to?

Most American citizens are not stupid.

McClatchy’s SLO Tribune won’t cover actual important local news.

Did anyone read that on Tuesday 11.12 2019, “Morro Bay rescinds ordinance for Wastewater Treatment Facility”

Where is the spirit of “accuracy in story line?”

Same goes for the others in SLO Town.

What is your agenda?

Not surprised. Well deserved…

It is obvious that the Tribune is insignificant and irrelevant: County population continues to grow and their subscriptions continue to fall. Once there were newspaper stands all over the county, now there are hardly any. It is over, they should just close the doors, turn out the lights, and go home to a cold beer.

Hmmmmmm………….Maybe the Cal Coast News Staff could make a offer on the soon to be defunct Tribune!!!

Slo County could have a newspaper again:)

The SLO Progressives would be a more likely suitor, after all they already run the paper. And The Trib could be truthful and put editor Adam Hill’s name on the opinion pieces.