Teen threatens gun violence at Arroyo Grande High School

November 17, 2019


Posing with what appeared to be a 1911 handgun, a 17-year-old male threatened to carry out acts of violence at Arroyo Grande High School.

On Friday, the teen posted the threat of violence on social media. Throughout the evening, officers worked with school personnel to identify the teen.

Early Saturday morning, officers arrested the Arroyo Grande teen at his home, where they discovered a replica 1911 BB gun.

Officers booked the teen into San Luis Obispo Juvenile Services Center on a charge of making criminal threats.

As a precaution, school officials and police department staff plan to provide extra supervision on Monday at the high school and other nearby schools.


Damn. This kid just made the rest of his life hell. And he IS still a kid. Obviously this needs to be taken seriously but a few words, a picture and the terrible judgement of a 17 year old is all it takes now with social media.

I hope they send him to spend time with survivors of gun violence instead of prison.


Oh yea, and let’s take away firearms from everyone else who have done nothing illegal.


Yes. Let’s call this a “gun crime” since he had a replica BB gun that could not carry out his threat.

At that point, the only logical thing to do is take away real guns from completely unrelated people who haven’t committed crime. Makes perfect sense.

But the important lesson from this is to hate the kid. Hate him and his family. Bankrupt them with legal fees. Make it so he can never hold a decent job or attend college. That’s gonna make everything OK.

Yeah, sure it will.


Tell it like it is DocT, tell it like it is!


If he had waited until he went into law enforcement nothing would have happened.


Throw the book at him.


Just lost a 50 year old friend to opiods.


Square that circle soon…c


Prolonged detention at the very least.


Yea, that always solves everything…