Templeton man scammed out of about $700,000

November 5, 2019


An elderly Templeton man is believed to have lost approximately $700,000 in a phone scam over the last few months, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.

On Oct. 31, a local bank contacted the sheriff’s office to report that the elderly man had been withdrawing large sums of money in the form of wire transfers, cashier’s checks and personal checks over the past few months. He was sending the money to various people, the bank told sheriff’s officials.

A deputy contacted the 88-year-old man. The man said he had been told he won a $3.5 million prize, as well as two Mercedes-Benz cars, and he was told to withdraw the money from his bank account to pay the taxes on the prizes.

The victim had also been coached on what to say to the bank in an attempt to limit suspicion. He was told to say the money being withdrawn was repayment of a loan from a person he had known for many years.

Investigators believe the 88-year-old man was trying to send more money, in addition to the approximately $700,000 he is believed to have sent over the past few months.

Authorities contacted the Secret Service, and holds have been placed on some of the bank accounts to which the elderly man sent the money. An investigation into the scam is ongoing.

Sheriff’s officials are reminding residents it is currently the time of year when these types of phone scams pop up in the United States. Anyone who receives a similar call should report it to law enforcement.

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Let see…I’m 88 years old…I have $700,000 bucks in the bank…but I want more….greed will get ya every time….

Always room for more..

Right. Let blame the old guy, who most likely has lost some of his cognitive abilities. That was a disgusting comment, Rambunctious.

They say you can’t cheat an honest man…

very sad –

Let’s hope there’s a really special place in Hell for those that cheat the elderly!

I just don’t see what’s wrong with these entrepreneurs non-violently separating this wealthy old guy from his money. They are just following the lead and example of local standouts such as Adam Hill, Belsher, Wright, and the Christian and Missionary Allies types?

Join the discussion…Your name says it all…

“it is currently the time of year when these types of phone scams pop up in the United States”, seems to me scamming season is all year long! I hope the accounts being on hold means this gentleman can recoup some of his money.