Truck crashes into two people in Cayucos

November 3, 2019


An elderly man driving a truck crashed into and seriously injured two people at the Shoreline Inn in Cayucos on Saturday, according to the CHP. [Cal Coast News]

Shortly before 6 p.m., a 79-year-old man from Fresno was attempting to back into a parking spot at the hotel, when he accidentally hit the gas pedal, and crashed into a picnic bench where two people were sitting. The impact threw two people sitting on the bench to the ground.

Responders transported the victims, a 71-year-old woman from Fresno and a 66-year-old woman from Lemoore, to a local hospital. Both women suffered major injuries in the collision.

Officers do not believe drugs or alcohol were factors in the accident.

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Foot slipped off the pedal? We’ve all heard this before to the point of being a cliche. Same thing as “I was cleaning my gun when it went off… it was an accident”. The notion of a foot slipping off the pedal is the same idea: makes it sound like an accident, and there is no way to prove otherwise. I don’t buy it. Two people were seriously injured and this guy will get off because “it was an accident”.

Do we need better more vigorous driving exams and testing?….lately it seems to be like Mad Max out there….

Forcibly withdraw bodily fluids and test them for substances associated with higher fines and penalties!

If a person makes a mistake and causes an accident that injures people….well, that’s pretty bad. People are injured, the party that caused the accident will have to pay medical care, replace damaged property and possibly pay for “pain and suffering,” which is good and right.

But if a person causes an accident and their bodily fluids test positive for any number of substances that by government edict result in higher fines and penalties….well, now the entire situation is different.

No longer is the injured party the main victim of the accident. Now the state and county are victims and require large financial restitution. It all depends on the bodily fluids……

So important are the bodily fluid composition that even if a driver doesn’t injure anyone or damage any property and drives safely; the state and county are still victimized and still require financial restitution for their victimization.

Tie them down, draw their blood and pray for positive results! No positive tests? Dang…..we’ll get ’em next time.

Hey Bob hope you have same feelings when you get older. Even young people have accidents as the statistics show they have a lot more. Hope the future yrs treats you well.

“No drugs or alcohol involved”….just blatant stupidity. This crap has to stop. It’s such a regular occurrence around these parts and that’s not considering outlying areas that we don’t hear about. The outcomes are virtually always severe. Hell, a building just about got demolished down here in AG at a high traffic lab facility. As much as I hate to see someone lose their driving privileges, it’s high time that something be done for elderly folks still driving. It’s way to easy to get a license in this state and certainly too easy to keep it and innocent people are paying the price.

With your prescription it will be hard for old folks to get around

I hope you are also volunteering at … meals on wheels needs volunteers.