Arroyo Grande city manager’s job in jeopardy

December 17, 2019

Jim Bergman


The Arroyo Grande City Council scheduled a special closed session meeting for Tuesday to discuss the performance and the possible discipline or dismissal of City Manager Jim Bergman. The catalyst for the meeting is not listed on the agenda. [Cal Coast Times]

Bergman was hired in 2017 to replace former City Manager Dianne Thompson, who the council voted to terminate. Shortly afterwards, in 2018, Bergman cut nine full-time positions to avoid a projected $912,000 budget shortfall.

On Nov. 1, Bergman ended long-term Community Services Director Teresa McClish’s employment.

Two weeks later, two top level employees resigned. Administrative Services Director Shannon Esenwein, who oversaw both the city’s finance and human resources departments, resigned on Nov. 15.  Former city attorney Heather Whitham also left the city on Nov. 15.

A majority vote will be necessary to discipline or terminate Bergman on Tuesday.

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More failed leadership from hypocrite Caren Ray-Rossum.

This latest incident where Rossum-Ray is leading the effort to dismiss AG city manager Jim Bergman is just another indication that she lacks the capacity to lead.

Remember, Ray-Rossum won the mayor’s seat with a corrupt campaign which targeted the incumbent Mayor Jim Hill, who led with vision and ethical clarity. Ray-Rossums best friend and campaign volunteer was charged with a felony for destroying campaign signs, etc.

We deserve better than an overly partisan whacky left city council.

Speak truth to power.

Mjd: We deserve better than an overly partisan whacky left city council.

Wait, Mjd. This topic is supposed to be about A.G., not about SLO or Morro Bay……


The AG City Councils lavish and ridiculous health benefits were probably next on the chopping block would explain a lot.

but not the stipend increase for the council members or the additional stipend increase for the mayor or their ridiculous health benefits, can’t cut those.

Finally a man with intestinal fortitude to “cut” expenses.

I can smell the fear of commonsense coming from those would participate in the “closed door” meeting regarding the citizen’s business.

Drain that swamp Big Jim.

Uh-oh, someone has swatted the queen bee’s nest, and Ray is having none of it.

I’m not from AG, so I have no dog in the fight.

Bergland seems to me to be one of a literal handful of politicians who have actually reduced a budget. He is a hero for that alone.

I’m sure those that want him out are simply upset that the gravy isn’t flowing as well.

Again, he cut the fat. That alone deserves admiration and support.

We need to support Jim Bergman he did the right thing for the right reasons. Let’s stand behind Jim Bergman. Jim I support your decision to let these employees go.

“A majority vote will be necessary to discipline or terminate Bergman on Tuesday.” Then again it will take a majority vote to grant a pay raise for Bergman too, for a job well done. Sometimes you need to fire everyone and start over, better they resigned to avoid retribution.

I think I smell a new tax or fee coming into play ….Meanwhile as opponents of the dunes try to shut dunes down …another financial blow to the 5 cities area …What’s next for the financial status of another SLO county city or town WOW that old saying it has to get worse before it gets better

Maybe Jim Bergman should have used more taxpayer money to buy the council members real leather city jackets instead or maybe now he’ll get the matching scraves and gloves. Oh yeah that’s right some of the council members repaid the cost of the jackets….. Oh well. Jim should have known getting rid of the mayor’s BFF McClish has consequences.