Pedestrian hit, killed in San Luis Obispo

December 4, 2019


A 60-year-old woman who was struck by an SUV in San Luis Obispo on Wednesday, died from her injuries. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly before 7 a.m, the woman was crossing Los Osos Valley Road at the intersection with Calle Joaquin when she was struck by the vehicle. First responders transported the victim to a local hospital, where she died from her injuries.

The deceased woman’s name is not being released pending notification of her next of kin.

The driver of the SUV has been cooperating with police. It is unclear whether or not she was at fault in the collision. Neither drugs nor alcohol are suspected as factors in the crash.


Other media has publicly reported the driver had a GREEN light.


That means nothing if a person was crossing the street and just couldn’t get completely across before the light turned green, the driver still has to wait for the crosswalk to be clear before proceeding.

Jorge Estrada

This is a dangerous big city intersection often used by the creek people. It will only get much worse in the near future and should be planned thence engineered for safer pedestrian features.


Condolences to both the family of this woman and to the driver of the vehicle who will live with those images in her mind. It’s a dangerous intersection to cross, especially at dusk and dawn.


So sad. I’m praying it’s not Diane (Jake the dogs mom) but sad no matter who it is. People just need to slow down and pay closer attention whether it be driving, walking, cycling, etc.


but it also has intersections here people often try to beat the red lights, and where people exiting the 101 south bound off ramp turn onto LOVR in a unsafe manner.

Ben Daho

Is THAT what happened? Did you swerve to avoid her?


Sure seems like you intentionally swerved to get needlessly personal.

Have a sugar cookie–you appear to be low on glucose.

George Garrigues

Busy intersection, but it is well-marked. I’ve used it many times.