San Luis Obispo County under flood advisory

December 8, 2019


The National Weather Service issued a flood advisory for San Luis Obispo County until 3 p.m. on Sunday, with rock slides and roadway flooding likely. [Cal Coast Times]

Doppler radar showed areas of moderate to heavy rain showers with isolated thunderstorms across northern and central SLO County. The weather service has noted rainfall rates of between 0.25 and 0.70 inches per hour in some areas of SLO County.

As a result of the rain, excessive runoff from heavy rainfall is expected to cause flooding of small creeks and streams, urban areas, highways, streets and underpasses as well as other drainage areas and low lying spots, according to the National Weather Service.

People in the following locations could experience flooding: Highways 41, 46 and 101; San Luis Obispo; Paso Robles; Morro Bay; Pismo Beach; Atascadero; Arroyo Grande; Cambria; Santa Margarita; Shandon; Cayucos; Lake Nacimiento; San Miguel and Templeton.


I wonder how much “infiltration” is being clocked in Morro Bay?


Enough infiltration & intrusion of raw rain water into their sewer system for them to push forward with the new plant rather than deal with their I&I problem and advert the boondoggle they’re racing towards:(

Or as they say, damn the(or taxpayers) torpedoes, full speed ahead!!!



After the elected and unelected public servants have spent $13 million for the 60% “un-stamped” plans being used to move this hairball over at the California Coastal Commission, the highly conflicted city manager handpicked program manager has not been able to determine if the reclaimed used toilet water can be stored, yet.

The big money small interest Fed and SRF funds are contingent upon being able to reuse, used toilet water.

Personally, I wouldn’t want o be aboard that ship.


Correction: …the highly conflicted city manager handpicked highly conflicted program manager has not been able to determine if the reclaimed used toilet water can be stored, yet.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to be aboard that ship.