Tree smashes into home in Morro Bay

December 27, 2019


A large tree uprooted and crashed into a home on the 400 block of Orcas Street in Morro Bay on Friday afternoon.

The tree, which was planted next to the roadway, uprooted, smashed a white, picket fence, and hit the home. Firefighters arrived, and evacuated the home.


The way this tree was pruned (or lack thereof) probably played a large part in it’s demise. I’d think Morro Bay will eventually pay for some or all of the damage.


The soil got good and saturated last week so be careful folks….


thoughtlessness and lack of maintenance lead to these sorts of events. Doesn’t make it any less unfortunate than it does preventable.

Jorge Estrada

Nice porch and great house, I hope the owner will get the same house back with all the fixings. More people should live this essential housing example, don’t know the property or owner but I can see from the photo a large piece of contentment.


Not quite sure what your problem is, criticizing this property owner. Since when is owning an old house a cause for embarrassment?

This resident is fortunate. In the early 1990s a tree fell into a house in Quincy CA and killed the owner in his bed. It was in the public right of way and he had complained for a long time that it was a disaster waiting to happen. So sad.

Wil the Coastal Commission and the city of Morro Bay now demand a zillion changes and upgrades as conditions for this property owner to repair/rebuild? I hope not.


Jorge, what is your point?