Breaking news on Kristin Smart expected soon

January 19, 2020

Kristin Smart

The mother of Kristin Smart, the former Cal Poly student whose disappearance in 1996 remains unsolved, said authorities plan to announce a development in the case that could bring closure to the her family, according to the Stockton Record.

Denise Smart told the Stockton Record  she had recently been contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and told to be ready for new developments.

The authorities advised her that the family might want to secure a family spokesperson and consider getting away for awhile. The agents gave no specific timeline, according to the Stockton Record.

Smart, a native of Stockton, was nearing the end of her freshman year at Cal Poly when she vanished on May 25, 1996 after attending an off-campus party. The 19-year-old was last seen in the company of fellow student Paul Flores who claims he escorted Smart to her dorm, which was relatively empty over the Memorial Day weekend.

Flores was investigated, but never charged. He has since left the area and is believed to be living in Southern California.


I have been following this case since it happened. I am hopeful that the Smart family will have some closure and am very glad to know that the FBI has been working this case after all these years. Kristin’s family deserves to bury their child and see justice served on the perpetrator. I have a daughter who is 3 years younger than Kristin who also attended Cal Poly. She is now a beautiful accomplished almost 40 year old and the mother of my magnificent grandson. My heart weeps for Kristin’s parents to have that joy stolen from them.


FBI is really putting the pressure on Paul Flores (and parents) and maybe watching his (their) behavior.


How can whoever did this live with themselves? Could it be Paul?


Either they’ve found her remains, found an accomplice or got a confession. But don’t dangle this in front of everyone, especially the Smarts. Pretty cheesy.


I would agree but it appears the family is the one who told the newspapers not the FBI. Keeping the family updated prior to public statements/updates is appropriate. The family sharing these updates with us public is their decision and right.


Of course it’s their “right”…. unless asked to keep it to themselves. I would guess that Mrs. Smart told the reporter because she is frustrated by having to wait out (for an undermined time) whatever the new information offers. And now all of us are. Just hold the damn press conference and get this over with.


The FBI…..

While I certainly hope that this very sad, painful and horrible event can finally be closed, let’s not forget that the FBI has a dreadful track record of dishonesty, incompetence and propagandistic communication.

I’d be much happier to hear that Chief Cantrell’s force discovered a body than to trust the FBI. They are not trustworthy, as recent events have shown.

Uncle Jack

Chief Cantrell and her inner circle of people like Officer Josh Walsh are just as corrupt (if not more corrupt).

Ralph Snart

Her body is in the landfill.

Shocked in MB

That’s a bit of an overreach! Where is all that originating from?


I would trust Larry, Curly and Moe or the Keystone Cops more than I trust Chief Cantrell and her Storm tropper goons.


So would I. But I’d take Shemp all by himself over the FBI.

If they have remains and are waiting for a DNA test or something like that, why make this announcement? Why not wait till they know?

Because if they’re wrong, they’ll look kinda bad….and if they’re right, why not wait?

I don’t trust the FBI to be competent or honest.


Even with the issues recently uncovered regarding the former FBI director if having to choose between the two I would trust the FBI 10 times over Chief Cantrell and the SLO PD.


Why would the FBI do this? This is a media ploy or tactic, and it’s a bit cruel for those in the public who’ve been following this. Silly also. If you have news, just say it.


Why don’t you take lead of the family on this. They don’t seem to think it is a problem.

Confounding? Yes. Cruel to those in public who’ve held interest in the story over the years? Not so much.

A bit over the top, but if I am incorrect please feel free to expound on your personal torment related to this case.


And the walls are closing in….