Construction halted at SLO marijuana shop

January 3, 2020


San Luis Obispo inspectors halted construction at a marijuana retail shop last month because the applicants had failed to procure a building permit.

In November, the owners of Megan’s Organic Market, Megan Souza and Eric Powers, were awarded one of three coveted permits to operate a retail cannabis shop in San Luis Obispo. While Souza and Powers applied for a permit to rehab a bathroom at the site of former Drum Circuit on Higuera Street, they did not apply for a construction permit for the shop.

With  a copy of the bathroom permit posted outside, Souza and Powers demolished the inside of the building and began framing walls, work that was not covered under the bathroom permit.

On Dec. 13, a city inspector posted a stop work order on the building. In order to proceed, Souza and Powers will need to submit plans and obtain a construction permit which is likely to delay their opening for several months.

Even though the SLO City Council voted in 2018 to allow three retail pot shops, none have yet opened. Helios Dayspring’s Natural Healing Center is slated to open in two to four months.

The third permit winner, Elemental Wellness, was disqualified after an odd interview with a SLO police detective. As a result, SLOCal Roots is now in line for the third retail marijuana shop.


Typical… I’m sure they were using too much of their own product and just “forgot”…


SLO City ignores illegal construction being done by connected people every day, or at best asks them to obtain a permit. Never a Stop Work Order. This came down from the top, likely Harmon and Dayspring.


These folks KNOW they are doing wrong, ignoring building codes and rules we all must abide by, no matter how ridiculous we feel they are. Just tells me that deep inside, they are sketchy and shady to begin with. Good job SLO in attracting great businesses! A drug dealer will always be a drug dealer. Their culture has never developed around “following rules”.


Don’t be mad at this little guy, he’s probably being squeezed out by Dayspring.


This scenario has already been played in morro bay by top city officials who also owned businesses in morro bay ….Basically controlling who could have a business and not compete with top city officials owned businesses …So is SLO planning and code enforcement now doing council member , mayor and other city related officials a favor by putting speed bumps and hurdles on competing businesses in the green plant trade …Sure they didn’t have compliance on their remodel …but there maybe other powers at work .I had businesses for many years in SLO county when somebody wanted my lease they sicked the county on me one of my business buildings landlord received 73 phone calls from folks trying to get building out from under my lease …lucky my landlord was my friends ,2 – lucky my landlord was my customer and 3rd.. Lucky they didn’t need the enticing money offered


Several month delay for sure with SLO building department. One month delay everywhere else.


Jeez, these people can’t do anything legit. SMH