SLO County sheriff collects evidence in Kristin Smart disappearance

January 29, 2020

Kristin Smart


The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office confirmed it is holding two trucks that belonged to the family of the last person to see Kristin Smart before she disappeared in 1996, according to county officials.

Earlier this month, Kristin Smart’s mother Denise Smart said had recently been contacted by a former FBI agent and told to be ready for new developments in her daughter’s case.  In response to multiple public inquires, the sheriff’s department released additional information on Wednesday.

Since 2011, sheriff’s investigators have been actively working on the Kristin Smart case. There work includes:

• The service of 18 search warrants

• Conducting physical evidence searches at nine separate locations

• A complete re-examination of every item of physical evidence seized by all agencies involved in this case

• Submission of 37 evidence items from the early days of the case for modern DNA testing

• Recovery of 140 new items of evidence

• Conducting 91 person to person interviews

• The writing of 364 supplemental reports

“Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office has invested more than 7,500 employee hours since 2011 when Sheriff Ian Parkinson took office,” the press release says.

The department also confirmed that it “currently holds two trucks in evidence that belonged to Flores family members in 1996.”

Kristin Smart, a native of Stockton, was nearing the end of her freshman year at Cal Poly when she vanished on May 25, 1996 after attending an off-campus party. The 19-year-old was last seen in the company of fellow student Paul Flores who claims he escorted Smart to her dorm, which was relatively empty over the Memorial Day weekend.

Flores was investigated, but never charged. He has since left the area and is believed to be living in Southern California.

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I had a conversation regarding this very case over 20 years ago with a local LEO who knew what he was talking about. At that time he said if they found the body, Flores would be arrested promptly and the case against him would be very strong.

corpus delicti ‘the body of an offence’, the essential facts that constitute the crime. Thus, it is not the corpse in a murder trial although a dead body is one of the facts that constitute the corpus delicti.

Collins Dictionary of Law © W.J. Stewart, 2006

CORPUS DELICTI. The body of the offence; the essence of the crime

2. It is a general rule not to convict unless the corpus delicti can be established, that is, until the dead body has been found. Best on Pres. Sec. 201; 1 Stark. Ev. 575, See 6 C. & P. 176; 2 Hale, P. C. 290. Instances have occurred of a person being convicted of having killed another, who, after the supposed criminal has been put to death for the supposed offence, has made his appearance alive. The wisdom of the rule is apparent; but it has been questioned whether, in extreme cases, it may not be competent to prove the basis of the corpus delicti by presumptive evidence. 3 Benth. Jud. Ev. 234; Wills on Circum. Ev. 105; Best on Pres. Sec. 204. See Death.

LOL…..downvoting a cut and paste from a legal dictionary. Some of you have watching too many crime shows!

The only reason Flores hasn’t been tried is because of Corpus Delicti……and it’s a damn good thing! Without principles of law like this one and habeas corpus, many, many innocent people would be falsely charged and imprisoned.

Yes, occasionally this allows a guilty person to avoid prosecution, but sane people would much rather see 10 guilty people go free than to falsely imprison/execute an innocent person.

Way to not mention the Your Own Backyard Podcast that has brought enormous amounts of attention and tips to this case….

This story seems more like they want to pin this on Rex Allen Krebs and be done with it. RAK is a murdering AHole whom deserves the deathpenalty. But the facts don’t add up.Paul Flores is the bad guy.

What? This story makes no sense. Is Parkinson up for election??? That, I could believe.

I heard the report of the FBI or whoever calling Denise, but that story didn’t make any sense, either. Why would a LE Agency call to tell you to be ready for news. Wouldn’t prudence demand they wait to make contact until they are sure??

Wow just checked… New episode of YOUR OWN BACKYARD podcast came out today. Hopefully spread some light on this. I won’t report here, check it for yourself.

Ha, shed some light, not *spread…

I stick with my original opinion. The poor girl is in the landfill. Law enforcement waited too long before they searched.

Paul Flores was creepy. I ran into him about a month after Smart went missing. Still have chills from that encounter.

The Sheriff’s Office has invested more than 7,500 employee hours and haven’t solved it when everyone knows who did it? What the hell were they doing? Gotta charge you time somewhere I guess.

There was a lot of evidence pointing towards Flores family. I pray that they solve this case soon!