Activist Kevin Rice behind controversial SLO County voter robocall

February 28, 2020

Kevin Rice


Activist Kevin Rice informed the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office Thursday evening that he was responsible for a controversial robocall sent to some voters on Tuesday.

The homophobic call purportedly asked residents to vote for Supervisor Adam Hill, while repeating information from a harassing and threatening email sent from Hill’s residence to a local radio show host in 2016. The call also reminded the public about a homophobic email Hill sent to a former mayoral candidate.

While the caller, a friend of Rice who said she is the granddaughter of a Klu Klux Klan member, asked people to vote for Hill, the call clearly repeated negative events from Hill’s past.

The robocall also degraded Hill’s opponent Stacy Korsgaden based on her sexual orientation.

“That woman running against Adam Hill is a lesbian,” the caller said. “We can’t have those selfish perverts running for government. Adam Hill will put a stop to that.”

Offended by the call, Korsgaden asked the District Attorney’s Office to investigate.

Investigators questioned Rice on Friday, who said he “acted independently.” Prosecutors are working to determine if Rice violated campaign laws or regulations regarding robocalls, which could be a misdemeanor.

“The integrity of our election system is of paramount importance to our American system of government by the people,” said District Attorney Dan Dow. “I am firmly committed to aggressively enforcing violations of election and campaign law to ensure that members of our community are able to cast their vote without interference of unlawful campaigning activity.”

After discovering Rice sent the robocall, Hill insinuated radio host Dave Congalton and CalCoastNews were working with Rice. Congalton and reporters with CalCoastNews deny any involvement in the robocalls.

In 2016, a handful of harassing and threatening emails were sent under an alias from Hill’s home. The emails were sexually demeaning and degrading, and targeted Congalton and CalCoastNews reporters Daniel Blackburn and Karen Velie.

In late 2019, the district attorney first revealed the emails had come from Hill’s home. Even though prosecutors determined the sender had committed a crime, they were unsure who in the Hill’s household sent the emails. In the end, no charges were filed.

After a CalCoastNews exclusive linked Hill to the threatening emails, Tribune reporters responded by questioning Congalton about taking “nearly three months” to release the information. A few weeks later, a Tribune columnist trashed the Tribune for reporting about he emails, on his social media account, claiming prosecutors determined the emails were not criminal.

After Rice reported he sent the robocall on his own, Tribune reporters sent an email asking CalCoastNews reporters if they were involved in the robocalls, which they were not.

Yet, Tribune reporters have never asked why someone would send emails containing allegations of bestiality, homosexual relationships and adultery to demean other reporters who have written articles critical of Hill.

Hill’s household emails also demeaned Rice with allegations of sodomy and killing puppies after sex.


Adam Hill’s behavior is disturbing and his policies are flat wrong. Kevin Rice is every bit as disturbing in my opinion. Not sure that he serves any purpose, makes any sense and this isn’t first piece of disturbing behavior that I have seen. What exactly is an “activist?” How does an “activist” support him/her self?

a view from the oaks

Sad when justice is not served, and a citizen is compelled to step up and shine a spotlight on the perpetrator. Kudos, Kevin Rice.

To those who may have already cast your mail-in vote for Adam Hill, hopefully you now realize he’s not fit to represent you. Call County Clerk-Recorder Tommy Gong’s office and request to change your vote. 805-781-5228 or go to his office 1055 Monterey Street Ste D120, SLO See FAQ: “If I make a mistake on my vote-by-mail ballot”

Adam Hill: Your cloak of invisibility is unravelling; your Teflon coating is pierced.


The 20 or so stories we have read over the years of Adam’s abusive treatment and threats are just the tip of the iceberg. What about all the others who are afraid and won’t speak out? I can name 31. How many do you know? Are you one of them? What would happen if we all went to the District Attorney and told him? Is it illegal to contact people’s employers or their wives’ employers using your position as a supervisor to try to get them fired because they disagreed with you? I know of 7 instances – 5 in which jobs were lost, one is a 2nd attempt and is still pending. I know of four parents who for years have feared for their children and the effect Adam’s trolls will have on them, on their education, even their health/lives. I know of two candidates who stepped away from races because Adam threatened their children. What about the business people who have to give him money because they are afraid he will harm their businesses if they don’t? Or the charities who have to support him for fear of losing funding or didn’t get funding because they supported his rival? I know of 6. How about two car accidents the cannabis community believes were “hits”? How about the people whose families and friends fear for their lives or the two who were told “we’re watching you and will be taking photos.” These people live in fear for themselves, their businesses, their families, some of them every single day for years. Some are afraid even to walk their dog. They know Adam can incite harm, because he has done so often, when people are most vulnerable, hurting their reputations and that of their families, in some cases doing irreparable harm to health and finances. They know they are being followed and filmed. What about the people who really did have to have sheriffs present because of Hill’s trolls’ threats? These people have been terrorized, and live in fear of retribution, their actions dictated by Hill’s threats. They are your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers.


He has attempted to intimidate me, too. He’ll lash out at anyone who he perceives as a sympathizer to his “enemies”. Scary.

Ted R

What the…?!? Come on Kevin, get it together. Your attempt at satire was tasteless and counter productive.


On the contrary, it was brilliant. SNL writers have nothing on Kevin.

Jon Tatro

Two grown ass men making prank phone calls like children. Time for both to grow the hell up.


Pretty grown up language in your post.