Activist Kevin Rice behind controversial SLO County voter robocall

February 28, 2020

Kevin Rice


Activist Kevin Rice informed the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office Thursday evening that he was responsible for a controversial robocall sent to some voters on Tuesday.

The homophobic call purportedly asked residents to vote for Supervisor Adam Hill, while repeating information from a harassing and threatening email sent from Hill’s residence to a local radio show host in 2016. The call also reminded the public about a homophobic email Hill sent to a former mayoral candidate.

While the caller, a friend of Rice who said she is the granddaughter of a Klu Klux Klan member, asked people to vote for Hill, the call clearly repeated negative events from Hill’s past.

The robocall also degraded Hill’s opponent Stacy Korsgaden based on her sexual orientation.

“That woman running against Adam Hill is a lesbian,” the caller said. “We can’t have those selfish perverts running for government. Adam Hill will put a stop to that.”

Offended by the call, Korsgaden asked the District Attorney’s Office to investigate.

Investigators questioned Rice on Friday, who said he “acted independently.” Prosecutors are working to determine if Rice violated campaign laws or regulations regarding robocalls, which could be a misdemeanor.

“The integrity of our election system is of paramount importance to our American system of government by the people,” said District Attorney Dan Dow. “I am firmly committed to aggressively enforcing violations of election and campaign law to ensure that members of our community are able to cast their vote without interference of unlawful campaigning activity.”

After discovering Rice sent the robocall, Hill insinuated radio host Dave Congalton and CalCoastNews were working with Rice. Congalton and reporters with CalCoastNews deny any involvement in the robocalls.

In 2016, a handful of harassing and threatening emails were sent under an alias from Hill’s home. The emails were sexually demeaning and degrading, and targeted Congalton and CalCoastNews reporters Daniel Blackburn and Karen Velie.

In late 2019, the district attorney first revealed the emails had come from Hill’s home. Even though prosecutors determined the sender had committed a crime, they were unsure who in the Hill’s household sent the emails. In the end, no charges were filed.

After a CalCoastNews exclusive linked Hill to the threatening emails, Tribune reporters responded by questioning Congalton about taking “nearly three months” to release the information. A few weeks later, a Tribune columnist trashed the Tribune for reporting about he emails, on his social media account, claiming prosecutors determined the emails were not criminal.

After Rice reported he sent the robocall on his own, Tribune reporters sent an email asking CalCoastNews reporters if they were involved in the robocalls, which they were not.

Yet, Tribune reporters have never asked why someone would send emails containing allegations of bestiality, homosexual relationships and adultery to demean other reporters who have written articles critical of Hill.

Hill’s household emails also demeaned Rice with allegations of sodomy and killing puppies after sex.


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Go Kevin.


Adam Hill sends extremely perverse emails to Dave Congalton during a time that Dave was going through a painful divorce and death of a close friend to suicide, and Hill references Kevin Rice getting off on killing puppies after sex. (Think about the type of sick minded person that would do something like that!) When evidence shows Hill wrote the emails – they came from his IP address – he lawyers-up and the case is dropped. He is allowed to keep his District seat and has the gall to run for re-election!

Kevin Rice admits to creating robocalls during an election which are so obviously ridiculous that it is apparent they are parody. However, they are meant to point out the absurdity of Adam Hill’s actions – which he is still lying about – as he runs for re-election.

Rice faces charges while Hill faces none and keeps his high-paying job representing much of San Luis Obispo County. Something just doesn’t seem right.


I thought the robocall was hilarious, as did many others. But in public some have to act shocked. Adam Hill has made multiple comments about other straight men sleeping with men, and they are not funny just mean. Kevin Rice writes satire and everyone freaks because Adam Hill says poor me.


Mr. Rice was just engaging in the same behaviours demonstrated by his elected county district representative Adam Hill (which thus far has not been ruled “inappropriate”). Our District Attorney Dan Dow has already postponed any further comment or investigation of Mr. Hill’s behaviour until after the election. I’m sure he will afford Mr. Rice the same courtesy.

I really thought at first that this was a stupid and childish move from Kevin. BUT, I backed up a few steps and took a long hard look at the situation. This sets an interesting precedent. Will Mr. Hill and Mr. Rice be treated equally under the law for having committed similar offenses? Perhaps Rice has officially stuck the first toe in the water to see if we really are just the peasants in a newly emerging oppressive caste system being sold to us under the guise of “Progressive Socialism and environmental activism.”

At least Kevin stuck some historic accuracy in there. The last time our country was as divided as it is now, was because the Democrats wouldn’t let go of slavery. Hence why they formed the KKK after the Civil War.

If neither Rice nor Hill are disciplined in this matter, I say we all set ourselves up a personal robocall system and start exercising our free speech rights to the masses. I have at least 6 months worth of resentments against Mayor Harmon alone that I could easily span six months’ worth of three-minute robocalls.


By all reports Dow has NOT afforded Rice the same courtesy. He appears to have gone after Rice guns blazing.


So Adam Hill in his reign of terror, or his wife, write an email accusing Kevin Rice of demented sex with Congalton, and that is ok. But Kevin responds, yes he should have used his own name, and he is condemned. Kevin is a victim of Hill’s abuse. What is wrong with the people who are aware of at least some of the abusive and nasty attacks by Hill, and instead attack a victim who overreacts. Wow, our community is a mess.


That was pretty stupid of Rice, he used to comment on here quite regular I kinda think he may have sunk kinda low with this stunt.

And A Hill just doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut, with everything that is said about him you would think he would crawl in a hole and not come out untill after the election then hopefully he’ll just slither away.


WHO continues to leave the bag of idiots open? Close it before more get out.




So now Kevin Rice is branching out (at his own admission) into a new venue….robocalls!

Niles Q

Maybe it was a parody, meant to be a joke… (;0)


“After Rice reported he sent the emails on his own, Tribune reporters sent an email asking CalCoastNews reporters if they were involved in the robocalls, which they were not.”

I laughed out loud.

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