Beware the SLO County Progressive’s power play

February 19, 2020
T. Keith Gurnee

T. Keith Gurnee


After taking over the city councils of San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Grover Beach, and Arroyo Grande in 2018, the SLO County Progressives, bankrolled by the marijuana industry, have their crosshairs firmly on our Board of Supervisors and Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham.

With so-called Progressives Adam Hill, Ellen Baraud, Stephanie Shakofsky, and Dawn Addis running against Stacy Korsgaden, Supervisor Debbie Arnold, Supervisor John Peschong, and Assemblyman Cunningham respectively, they’re unleashing a power play to take over and impose their ideology upon San Luis Obispo County.

To those residents of the county who voted overwhelmingly for the local protection and management of our groundwater basins in 2016, do you now want to surrender that management to either the state or a handful of wine barons at public expense as these Progressives would have us do? Or how about eliminating regulations on the marijuana industry? And do you really want to reelect Adam Hill, one of the most obnoxious and corrupt supervisors in recent memory?

Then comes the Tribune’s endorsement of Ellen Beraud which was utterly consistent with their “coddle the Progressives” narrative. If that endorsement succeeds in getting her elected, her special interest contributors with the marijuana merchants and big wine will be ecstatic.

They will have taken control of the county and the Progressive’s power play to push their rigid ideology will be complete.

Look at what’s become of the cities that have fallen to the Progressives. Chaos. Just say no to them and on March 3, say yes to Stacy Korsgaden, Debbie Arnold, John Peschong, and Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham.

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The Progressives represent unresolved personal resentments and rebellion which were unresolved during their teen years. I know a lot of them, and there is such a high degree of dysfunction among their tribe. Politics allows them to unify the “unfair and unjust” view of EVERYTHING. They are the “forever victims”. And they know that this is correct.

The only thing that will save California and the central coast in my opinion would be term limits along with an electoral college…the coastal enclaves of progressives and university students should not hold the rest of the state in a perpetual one party state with no voice…

Same old , same old from him. Spews incitement orientated rhetoric that’s music to the ears of those filled with hate.

I picked my screen name with a bit of self-assessment and a bit tongue-in-cheek, however if you’re going to mis-label enlightened political writings as motivating “hate”, I should maybe sign the screen name over to you.

Commentary is not promotional of, nor affiliated with, “hate” just because it is acerbic and accurate.

The one good thing about the Progressive Movement is that they require a living organism to support them, somewhat like a parasite. They are then rapidly discovered because there is no symbiosis, thence extinguished like athletes foot.

The best thing everyone in Calif. can do is vote every incumbent out and start over as they have done nothing for the people except make it more expensive and harder to survive in this state. The current motto of the people now governing is give me more money and do what we say as we know best you dumb lops

Ummmm, you have District 1 wrong. Stephanie is the candidate fighting the marijuana growers’ interests in parking their stinky, blight-ridden operations next to our homes. Peschong wrongly thinks Prop 64 entitled them to do that and has unapologetically voted FOR THEM to allow these grows. Do NOT vote for Peschong. I lean conservative and in no way will support his betrayals of our district.

Laughing at this whole divisive article, no facts here. Just scare tactics and political segragative ideology, sad.

This must be your first semi- comprehensible comment. Segragative? Is that like sedagive? Don’t recall that in an actual dictionary.

Oldtimer has a “special” dictionary. I’ve pointed this out before. Maybe he paid some attention to me though because his grammer, spelling, etc. seems slightly improved lately.

“Take over”?? “Power play”?? “Chaos”?? I believe it is called being voted into office. No wonder this country is so divided!!

jhagstro – I just pray you don’t represent the majority of voters on March 3rd.

You’re singin’ to the choir Mr. Gurnee.