Cal Poly fixes failing grades given to Kristin Smart while missing

February 8, 2020

Kristin Smart


Amid a public petition to correct Kristin Smart’s Cal Poly transcripts,  the university removed failing grades given to the Freshman after she went missing. Smart’s transcript now lists her as withdrawn.

Smart was nearing the end of her freshman year at Cal Poly when she vanished on May 25, 1996 after attending an off-campus party.

Smart went missing just days before her finals were scheduled. She was later declared legally dead, but her failing grades for not arriving to take her finals remained.

Recently, over 4,000 people signed a petition asking Cal Poly to correct Smart’s transcripts.

“California Polytechnic State University final grades reflect all F’s and one Incomplete for the quarter, after not showing up for her finals,” according to the petition. “Apparently being abducted is not a good enough reason to miss class.

“We are asking that the governing body at California Polytechnic State University amend her transcripts to reflect her legacy honorably.”

On Friday, Cal Poly announced it had changed Smart’s final transcripts to withdrawn.

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“Withdrawn” for Smart. “F” for Cal Poly Police and Admin. B.S. in Murder for Paul Flores.

Wonder if in 1996 CSU Chancellor Barry Munitz conspired with Cal Poly then President Warren Baker to have the police stand down on investigating Kristin’s disappearance. At the infancy of this case, investigators at Cal Poly’s police station were experienced detectives previously employed at larger departments. Makes no sense unless the university didn’t want to potentially be associated with an on-campus homicide.

Conspiracy … are you really thin … ‘k this? Like meeting in a coffee shop and whispering? Edg4Ue of Nutjob.

Mazin – it’s par for the course at Cal Poly. In the early 2000s Cal Poly President Warren Baker ordered the police not to investigate a professor who was found to have child pornography on his state computer. The police chief obliged and then proceeded turn the case over to the FBI. The professor committed suicide before the case went to trial.

Anyone surprised that in the last 24 years none of those highly paid, some say overly paid, administrators thought to do this before now? They say they don’t do it unless requested, come on that is a cop out, it shouldn’t take that to do the right thing and not this long. Another reason for out of control student debt, to pay for useless administrators.

Y’all fell of the ka…yack

She never should have been given F’s, based on the situation. But that is Cal Poly, SLO.

Now you are right give an incomplete or dropped

This does not seem to be a news story. Technical changing of a transcript category occurs with the touch of a keyboard. A clerk needed a document to accomplish this. Ok, big news?

Perhaps the story, being one of human interest rather than corruption or gore, is in the fact that a petition to correct her legacy was raised by other caring students. This is just about all they could do to honor her memory. Shame on Cal Poly for allowing her record to undeservedly shame her in the face of this tragedy. Kudos to those who sought to clear her record of undeserved failures. Nice to see that there are people who actually still care. Such a positive story is a blessing.