Sender of a vile robocall sent to SLO County voters explains call

February 27, 2020

Stacy Korsgaden and Adam Hill


The woman who sent a homophobic and vile robocall purportedly asking voters to reelect San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill has recorded a new message, this one explaining her affiliation with the Klu Klux Klan and her disgust over vile emails sent to local radio host Dave Congalton from Hill’s home.

On Wednesday, the District Attorney’s office opened an investigation into the robocall, which if made by an imposter, could have had legal consequences. Shortly afterwards, the unnamed woman released an explanation for the robocall that can be heard at (805) 242-3591.

The latest message:

Hello. Did $95 worth of robocalls get your attention? Lets talk about it.

The robocall used satire and lampoon not unlike a Saturday Night Live skit or a South Park episode.

But was the robocall fake? No.

I’m not a paid actor. My granddaddy really did receive a heroes cross from the KKK.

And Adam Hill really did use homosexual slurs to berate a local man who ran for mayor.

And the emails originating from Adam’s home really did unleash vile sexual and homosexual slurs against a local radio host and two local reporters.

Adam’s emails were so pornographic, the local media wouldn’t even divulge his actual words.

If the robocall offended you, you should read the emails your elected representative sent. Even Saturday Night Live couldn’t broadcast Adam Hill’s homophobic and sadistic emails.

It is important to tell you the robocall was not paid for by Adam Hill, or Stacy Korsgaden, or any committee controlled by either candidate

So did the robocall offend you?

If you weren’t offended, you probably won’t want to vote for a progressive woman like Stacy Korsgaden for third district county supervisor 2020

If the robocall didn’t trouble you, vote for Adam Hill, I know my granddaddy would.

Paid for by the daughters of the heroes cross KKK. Vote for Adam Hill, keeping SLO straight again.


This will simply make Rice more popular with right-wingers in the area. Guessing he’ll run for Congress in two years.




why would Kevin Rice do this? its on the trib website. Something is seriously not correct here.

mary margaret

I think that the person behind the call should have her/his name revealed.


Sounds like a way to slander someone while avoiding being sued for slander.


SLO Tribune identifies the person responsible. It is neither of the above named politicians, evidently.


Nor is it slander if it’s true or if it is political speech. Even the Tribune admits that.


There are some nutcases in this town.


Mondo bizzaro…what’s next?


This literally makes no sense: if you weren’t offended…don’t vote for Stacy. If you weren’t offended, vote for Adam. What?


Don’t believe it. This is a red herring to absolve Hill of blame, who actually did blame Stacy. Hope the DA gets to the bottom of this because I’ll bet it will lead back to Hill. He’s that devious. Otherwise, what’s the point of the call?


Because a troll loves to troll trolls. So many damn trolls in this county and whom post opinion pieces on this site and stir up BS whenever they don’t like something or loose something they feel entitled too. And now Kevin has put many other people’s well being at risk for some crap he trolled up late one night, just like Hill.


Go get her, Dow. Then maybe no one will notice how you’ve caved on prosecuting the multi-million-dollar thefts of public money at the Integrated Waste Management Authority (IWMA). Don’t deceive yourself, sir. People are watching.


IronHub, you have nailed it. This is the really important issue. The DA huffs and puffs over this and does nothing about the real crime – thefts of millions of dollars of public money. Smoke and mirrors, folks. Smoke and mirrors.