SLO County supervisor candidate asks DA to investigate hateful robocalls

February 26, 2020

Stacy Korsgaden


Yesterday, a robocall was made, purporting to be in support of Adam Hill, and delivered to a significant number of homes in our community. The message was hateful and meant to divide our community. Supposedly from the KKK, it was made in such a way to appear like a backhanded support for my opponent, but was critical of both Adam Hill and me.

This hateful call left few groups unscathed and has no place in political discourse or our modern society.  Any hate or expression of prejudice based on race, religion, and sexual orientation is unacceptable.

I have formally submitted requests for an investigation to the District Attorney’s office and the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). Voters deserve to know who is responsible for this call, and whoever facilitated this call should be held accountable to the full extent of the law.

To be crystal clear: my campaign and I had nothing to do with this call. This call is a conveniently timed distraction and, unfortunately, San Luis Obispo County has seen similar distractions used before.

The fact is Adam Hill’s bullying, intimidating, and abusive behavior is all well documented in the media and my campaign has made it a major issue in this race. I have met hundreds of people who have told me that they have felt “afraid,” “bullied,” “misrepresented,” and “intimidated” by his behavior. I can also say the same.

As a first time candidate, I am presenting the full, entire case to the public. Voters will decide if my opponent deserves another four years. I stand by my communication — all of it has been disclosed – it is hard hitting, but honest.

The truth about Adam Hill isn’t pretty, in fact it’s outright scary. I believe his constituents and community members, I believe past candidates, and I believe his past students when they state there has been a weaponization of his power. The media has also experienced his abuse over the years, the most recent example happening just this month.

Adam Hill’s dysfunction has distracted us from the real issues in this county for too long. His behavior has robed his constituents of effective government and quality representation.

I am hopeful this community has had enough of Adam Hill and his abuse, bullying and dysfunction.

Elections are about choices, and in District 3 the choice is very clear. I am hopeful that the people of the District 3 will do the right thing on March 3rd.


We need to get behind an effort to separate the DOJ and state and county DA’s from government….they should not be government employees….to investigate elected officials they must be independent of them….they must get their funding elsewhere…not from the people they are charged with investigating…


The call contains inside knowledge and statements that only Hill and his sycophants would know. It would not be hard to believe that Hill himself was behind it…


This whole issue and Hill’s candidacy has shown how TWISTED our local media is. The Trib is an intellectual wasteland…saying “hate speech” may be wrong but it’s not illegal. Foolish. Thank you Stacy for running.


Stacy I have already cast my absentee ballot for YOU! I want to know why the DA hasn’t already started the investigation into DownHills actions!


You must have pushed the right buttons, I see on KSBY that SLO County DA launches an investigation into that robo call, where it leads will be interesting.

Good luck to you in your race for Supervisor, I hope you get that seat, although I would burn that one and ask for a new one.