California drivers increase speeding on empty highways

March 30, 2020

With highways in California nearly empty, the CHP is warning about drivers taking advantage of the situation and traveling at excessive speeds.

The Bay Area CHP office tweeted a photo of a collection of speeding tickets given to drivers clocked at more than 100 mph. Three tickets visible in the photo indicate drivers were clocked at 101 mph, 101 mph and 117 mph respectively.

“We are seeing a rise in motorists traveling at excessive speeds in the Bay Area,” the tweet stated. “We are still out in force and will continue to issue citations. There is no faster way to get a suspended license than driving 100 mph+!”

In Southern California, the Oceanside area CHP office is also warning drivers to slow down. The Oceanside CHP posted a photo on Instagram of a patrol car that clocked a driver at 102 mph.

“Starting to think some aren’t listening… WE ARE WRITING TICKETS… Please Slow Down!” The Oceanside CHP stated in the Instagram post.

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Don’t speed, but if you do and get stopped start coughing uncontrollably as the officer gets to your window. An officer more interested in self preservation instead of writing a mover might let you go with a warning.

Funny, everyone I get behind is doing 10-15 mph UNDER the speed limit…

Thats what happens when one buys a Prius.

Hello….CHP! for your information California drivers have always driven too fast you can just see them better now….and while you are paying attention to us drivers start writing tickets for tail gating please…..

Clearly, they were all pillars of their community I’d bet. Especially the roo citation….117mph, NO INSURANCE, incorrect D/L address info. Seriously, that organ donor should have made a visit to County Jail.