Two Santa Barbara County deputies test positive for coronavirus

March 30, 2020

Two Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies recently tested positive for the coronavirus. Both deputies are recovering at home.

The first deputy who tested positive, last patrolled the Santa Maria area on March 21. The next day, he fell ill, experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

He later tested positive for the virus.

A second deputy, who had ridden in a patrol car with the infected deputy, fell ill on March 27, and then tested positive for the virus.

Working closely with public health personnel, the sheriff’s department has been tracing each of the deputies’ contacts with the public and coworkers in a proactive effort to identify possible exposures.

“The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office remains steadfast in our commitment to providing the highest quality of law enforcement service during this trying time,” according to a county press release. “While the challenges of controlling the spread of COVID-19 present another layer of safety concerns for deputies, we are dedicated to safely and effectively keeping the peace.”


We are pulling out of this! Abbott FDA approval COVID-19 test delivers positive results in 5 & negative in 13 minutes. Johnson & Johnson lead candidate for vaccine, start testing in September.

Sadly, gov’t China (not people gov’t) is BS. Radio Free Asia estimates up to 42,000 bodies cremated in Wuhan since the crisis.

Personal: My Tulsa family may have been exposed, 1 in 80’s, 1 in 90’s, 1 Gen X w/immunity deficiency. NO test kits available for them. Grandson/brother exposed at work, no state lockdown. Conclusion: US # infected is BS.


Between fire, police and paramedics the number of them infected was staggering. Wish I could recall if it was nationwide or state. This is like watching a bad science fiction movie.