More public agency coronavirus closures on the Central Coast

March 14, 2020


Amid an escalating response to the coronavirus by federal, state and local officials, public agencies on the Central Coast are implementing multiple closures and distancing procedures.

On Friday, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency. Locally, San Luis Obispo County officials declared a local health emergency. There are currently no confirmed coronavirus cases in the county.

“We anticipate that we will get cases, though you’ve heard we have none yet,” SLO County Public Health Officer Penny Borenstein said at a news conference. “That is an almost certainty.”

Following an announcement that public schools in the county would be temporarily shutting down starting Monday, the city of San Luis Obispo announced it has suspended before and after-school childcare programs, effective Monday through April 14, the same dates in which San Luis Coastal schools will close.

In alignment with the effort of Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo County Schools to reduce the spread of coronavirus, Cuesta College has suspended all classes through March 18. Beginning March 19, Cuesta will move to online courses.

In Santa Barbara County, public schools are also closing. There are currently no confirmed coronavirus cases in the county.

Both Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo County sheriff’s offices have suspended in person inmate visitations. In SLO County,  video visitation will still be available for inmates and their families.

Additionally, limitations are being placed on court appearances. Santa Barbara County Superior Court is encouraging that defense attorneys make video appearances and that judges work with attorneys and litigants to settle or postpone cases.

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Oh yes. I forgot to mention that we have only tested about 37 people in this county. That is why there are no “confirmed” cases.

PLEASE DO NOT BRUSH THIS OUTBREAK OFF AS MINOR. IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT. Normal “flu” is .01 – .1 percent lethal. That means one in a thousand or far less dying. THIS VIRUS, while much more easily transmissible, is more like 1% to 18% LETHAL 91 in 100 to 1 in 5, depending on who contracts it. Want to kill your parents? Send your kid out to get it. Children are strong disease vectors. Closing the schools was imperative. Know the facts before you share your opinions.

In Italy, the disease is peaking and this is overwhelming the critical care system, which determines how many receive necessary critical care and survive. Older folks and those with compromised immune systems or diabetes or other existing conditions area far more likely to have negative outcomes (die), so they are simply sent home to do so.

Italy is about 3rd in the world for good health care. And they can’t handle this. WE ARE 37th. Get that? 37th. So, anything we can do to slow the spread or stop it is a very, very good idea. In China they applied draconian quarantines, in some areas penalty of death for being on the street, which has stopped the spread in it’s tracks. Italy waited too long and they are experiencing a medical apocalypse. Look it up. All they can hope for now is to slow it, but that is a ways off and now hundreds are dying daily.

People will continue to work, because they cannot afford not to, even though they are sick and spreading disease. Also, as many as 50% of American workers are so financially drained, they cannot afford a $400 emergency of any kind, let alone a massive medical bill and will continue the spread of possible death instead of quarantining or seeking medical help.

But, as usual, there has been not a moment’s hesitation to dump 1.5 TRILLION of our money onto the banksters instead of US. Never mind that it is OUR MONEY.

So, go ahead and carry on about how care free you are in the face of this crisis. Bloviate on about how no one should take it seriously. But, of coarse, omit your own name, so we can’t put a face on that kind of calloused, ignorant and pointedly malicious trolling. As usual.

I agree it’s a serious threat. I just don’t understand your numbers. Is it 91% or is it 20% fatal?

0.6% South Korea, 3.5% WHO statistic, much lower fatality than your statistics. But in at risk populations, higher.

3rd in the world in healthcare? Really, what are you basing that on,? In in Italy they consider chiropractors serious health care professionals, like equivalent of an MD. In Italy many medical professionals don’t recommend getting an annual flu shot for seasonal flu. I know this from first hand experience.

On top of that they have really porous borders and hordes of Chinese visitors, not to mention investors buying up things like soccer clubs.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be worried, and learn from other nations, but Italy is not a place I would want to become sick or injured.

Just my experience…

Chiropractors are serious health care professionals.

Some medical professionals here do not recommend some of the vaccines.

Northern Italy is one of the most admirable and productive centers in the world. Italy, as a whole, is a beautiful society/culture. Like the US healthcare varies where you are.

Yep and I really like the advise to “Stay Home”. How do the homeless do that? There is another vector created by poverty and this winner take all hyper-capitalism society.

NO confirmed cases in SLO county. The data shows younger people are the least vulnerable so why close the schools. This virus is less lethal than the annual flu. The Chinese Communist Party’s goal is to take over the USA. Create a virus, have a hysterical press publicize it out of proportion, instill fear mongering and bring the country to its knees by destroying the economy. Then control the USA pharmaceutical supply and hence takeover completely without firing a single missile.

Your foil hat is askew.

You were dropped as a child, weren’t you?

You need to vary your media sources. Reduce Breitbart, eliminate InfoWars and the Alt-Right medias, as hucksters, and parse back much of Fox News. Listen to different political voices, a wide array, BBC, NPR, MSM. The media sources you are listening to are manipulative.

Yes, the Chinese Government is a totalitarian police state. Just see how effective they control the Uighurs, and this virus has been a real expose on their citizen control.

But there is not a grand conspiracy to control the US thru the pharmaceutical supply. The drug industry wouldn’t want to share their profits.

Do you own guns? You probably should not.