Paso Robles man smears himself with feces to ward off officers

March 8, 2020

Anthony Espinoza


A Paso Robles man on probation for a 2018 attempted robbery in Templeton, on Friday spread feces on himself in an attempt to dissuade officers from searching him.

After spotting Anthony Espinoza riding his bicycle on the wrong side of Spring Street, officers tried to pull him over. Espinoza attempted to flee, but officers caught up with him a few blocks away.

Espinoza defecated, put his hands in his pants and removed the feces with his bare hands, according to police. In an attempt to stop officers from searching him, he then spread the poop on himself.

Even so, officers searched his backpack and found methamphetamine. Officers arrested Espinoza and booked him into the San Luis Obipo County Jail.

Jorge Estrada

Selective mental illness doesn’t work for this type of crime. A disgusting attempt makes one wonder what the norm is today?


holy shit!

Travis from SLO

As an add on, proud parent moment if you have sh*try parents.

Travis from SLO

Tony to the judge, “I sh*tyounot your honor this was an illegal search”.


Proved he’s just a little Sh_T


What a little sh*thead.


This story stinks.


sure feel sorry for the guys in his holding cell.