SLO County orders shelter at home, Adam Hill noticeably missing?

March 19, 2020

Supervisor Adam Hill


Coronavirus cases are spreading. San Luis Obispo County residents are sheltering at home. And Board of Supervisor Chair Adam Hill is noticeably absent. Hill went silent shortly after the FBI raided his office last week.

As the chair of the SLO County Board of Supervisors, Hill is expected to take a leadership role. By law, some orders are required to be signed by the board chair, unless he is unavailable.

On Wednesday, county staff searched for Hill in an attempt to have him sign the shelter at home order, which notes that because Hill was unavailable, the emergency services director signed the document.

Hill stopped attending meetings or returning phone calls on March 11, the day the FBI raided his office located in the County Government Center.

Where is he? It appears he is at his home in Pismo Beach.

It is unclear when, or if, Hill plans to take an active role as the chair of the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors.

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The absolute TOTAL SILENCE from Adam Hill is UNACCEPTABLE!

The county is in a state of crisis and his constituents hear NOTHING!

Hill has a paid for by tax payers administrative assistant who has said NOTHING!

We the people DEMAND answers one way or another on the state of his health and his intentions for the future!

Nada, zero, zip during these times when the entire county is in a mandated shelter at home order is not the way Hill should handle this.

Why can’t SOMEBODY from county government tell us what the hell is going on with Hill…

We deserve nothing less!

Jorge Estrada

What a month: A nice lady nearly whipped a veteran mob boss, the stock market crashed and pestilence has paralyzed the world. Fortunately we live in SLO County where we will go SLO and recover fast.


He’s keeping busy at home, spooning with Sal Krill


He’s sheltering at home….hoping he’ll be the last man standing. Only problem is…. it’s impossible to wash his hands of the disease he’s personally inflicted on our community. Looking forward to the FBI findings.

seeking truth

It is beyond time for Adam Hill to resign. We need real leadership not a corrupt, coked up head case! We need Stacy!!!